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Business options for Dru Yoga teachers

If you are looking for a business option that rewards you financially and is also personally fulfilling, then the Dru Yoga teacher training course could be just what you are looking for.


Life is not so much where we stand, but in which direction we are moving.


Making Dru work for you

Dru Yoga offers you an amazing opportunity to be your own boss and earn extra income from doing something you love. If you enjoy meeting people, have a passion for creating positive health and wellbeing, and want to make a difference to your friends, colleagues, family and the wider community, then you'll love the business opportunity that comes with training as a Dru Yoga teacher. 



Paul Krystall

Paul Krystall

IT Consultant

The Dru Yoga teacher training course has reached into every part of my life, relationships and business, and evert part has benefitted.

Add another string to your bow

Whatever area of business you are currently working in, consider the benefits of being able to offer Dru's yoga, relaxation and de-stress techniques to your clients.
Health professionals, fitness instructors, school teachers, sports trainers, psychiatrists, life coaches, beauty therapists and massage therapists are a few of the many professionals now integrating Dru Yoga into their daily work. Boost your income, improve your reputation as being someone who goes the extra mile to make a difference, expand your scope of target customers, and improve your results in all areas of your work.



Take the next step...

Signing up for the Dru Yoga teacher training course might be the smartest business decision you ever make.


Dru Yoga student enjoying yoga on the beach

Dru Yoga - tailored to your needs

Perfect for athletes and sports professionals

Make a fulfilling career change with Dru

Premier league footballers are now practising daily yoga—who is teaching them? It could be you!

The scope of teaching yoga as a business is vast and open to your creativity and enthusiasm. Why not run retreats in Hawaii? Some yoga teachers in America now earn as much as lawyers!! (Sunday Times, May 2007)

How about developing your own unique business niche? Teaching stress management in business? Training professional sports people in injury-prevention? Specialising in the field of therapeutic yoga, working alongside osteopaths and other medics in private practice? Supplementing your income selling Dru products—set up a shop if you like!

Teaching classes is just the beginning... Make a living loving what you do.