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Terms and Conditions

Dru Yoga Teacher Training Course  

Terms and Conditions 

  1. It is important to uphold the International School of Dru Yoga to the best of your ability, and to always act in a way that brings credit to the school.  
  2. All students and graduates are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct of the Teacher Training Course and the Dru Professional Network. 
  3. You must agree to practise Dru Yoga in accordance with the standards of safety set by your tutors. 
  4. The Course involves a wide variety of yoga movements and techniques, and you agree to take responsibility for your health and well-being by respecting your body’s limitations and health conditions you may have by: 
    1. Informing your tutors at any time of any new physical limitations or any other conditions that could affect your practice, including pregnancy. 
    2. Modifying or omitting practices according to the directions of your tutors and also according to your own experience of the limitations of your body and mental health. 
    3. Choosing not to undertake any activity that in your experience could cause pain to your body 
  5. It’s mandatory to attend all the training days. If for any reason you are unable to attend a day you need to inform your tutor team. Alternative arrangements will be made which might be at an extra cost.  
  6. You will be assessed continually, and your progress will be evaluated all the way throughout the course. Should there be any concern about your suitability for teaching or your continued participation in the course then your tutors will discuss this with you. The course tutors may at any time decide to defer your further participation on the course or simply bring it to a permanent conclusion. The decision of the course tutors shall be final. In this case, neither any further course fees nor a cancellation fee will be payable by you.   
    If you decide that the Dru Yoga course does not meet your needs you may withdraw at any time. Please let us know in writing that you intend to withdraw from the course. Your payments will stop the following month. 
  7. It takes time to establish the experience of Dru Yoga within your personal practice before you can transmit this experience to others. You must agree not to set yourself up as a teacher of Dru Yoga until you have passed your final assessment. This will be set by the tutor in consultation with you. Your tutors will decide your readiness for your final assessment. All assignments and written work must be submitted and passed before assessment can take place. Once you successfully pass your assessment, you will be invited to join the Dru Professional Network. 
    Your final assessment is included in your course fees. In the very unlikely event that you need to retake your assessment there will be an additional charge of £50.00  
  8. Your successful completion and graduation as a Dru Yoga Teacher entitles you to teach Dru Yoga lessons to groups or individuals both offline and online. It does not entitle you to train teachers in Dru Yoga.  
  9. ‘Dru Yoga’ is a trademarked term. This applies to products as well as services.  You must attend a certain amount of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours annually in order to use the term ‘Dru Yoga’. This permission is granted solely in connection with your Dru Yoga lessons. Using ‘Dru Yoga’ as a title to your name needs to be under the permission of Dru (UK) Ltd. 
  10. Your privacy is important to you and to us. 

Your privacy 

  • Consent to Record: 
    We will always ask for your consent before we photograph, record video, or capture your image for public use.  
  • Data Protection Act: 
    In order to operate effectively and fulfil its legal obligations, Dru (UK) Ltd needs to collect, maintain and use certain personal information about current, past and prospective staff members or volunteers, customers, suppliers and other individuals with whom it has dealings. All such personal information, whether held on computer, paper or other media, will be obtained, handled, processed, transported and stored lawfully and correctly, in accordance with the safeguards contained in the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). Dru (UK) Ltd's full Data Protection Policy can be found in the company handbook. If required, please ask for a copy. 

Others’ privacy 

  • Consent to Record:  
    You must not photograph, record video, or capture anyone’s image for public use without the written consent of the students, trainees, or members of the public who are included in such photography, video, and images.  
    You may not share confidential information which you have gained through group and/or personal teaching sessions, mentorings and group activities, unless you have written permission from people involved. Please respect people’s privacy. 

Our privacy

  • Copyright: 
    All course materials are for your personal use only and subject to copyright law. You are not allowed to reproduce, distribute or share log in details and course materials including downloads and streaming links with other people, without explicit written consent from Dru (UK) Ltd.
  • Online/streamed courses: 
    Please be aware that you need to maintain the privacy of the Dru (UK) Ltd organisation and your fellow students when participating in online courses. 
  • Confidentiality: 
    You may not share confidential information which you have gained through group and/or personal teaching sessions, mentorings and group activities, unless you have written permission of the people involved. Please respect people’s privacy. All interactions and feedback to other students must be kind, considerate and encouraging.  

Dru UK Registered Office 

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