Where can I train?

Where can I train?

Where can I train?

The International School of Dru Yoga is a well loved and hugely popular school, commended for its superb course manuals and the high standard of tutors.  All modules are taught by senior tutors as well as experienced local Dru Yoga teachers. 


A key feature of this 
course is our flexible
dates and venues


Train all over the world

We are an international school, so if you have to miss a training date, you can easily catch it up at any of our other training venues. For example, if you miss weekend 8 in the Midlands because your daughter is getting married, you can catch it up in London, Leeds, Wales, Australia, Canada or the Netherlands! Anyone for a holiday?

Many people also do the Dru training course just for themselves, to further and deepen their personal development, and not necessarily to teach yoga. Simply to learn how to take a bit of 'me time'.


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Sylvia Barrington

Sylvia Barrington

Senior Dru Yoga teacher trainer

Before I started the course I was shy and the thought of public speaking terrified me. During the course, I developed my communication and friendship skills so that teaching became a possibility. Since then I've become a confident teacher and have taught in many settings for the past 25 years.

UK locations and course structures... 

North Wales >

  • 8 x residential 5-day modules over 2 years

Leeds >   

  • 32 x Wednesdays over 2 years
  • 16 x non-residential weekends over 2 years

West Midlands >

  • 16 x non-residential weekends

London >

  • 34 x Sundays over 2 years

Scotland >

  • 16 x non-residential weekends

South West >

  • 14 x non-residential weekends + 1 x 5-day module at the Dru Centre in North Wales

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Dru Yoga offers a Foundation course as well as a 200hr diploma. Find out more ...

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