Foundations of Ayurveda AUS 2023

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Set the foundations to health and wellbeing so you can live a long, happy, fulfilled life. By integrating Ayurveda, the science of life, into your daily life, you'll gain unique insights into your unique constitution and learn how to align your diet and nutrition, lifestyle habits, yogic practices, self care much much more to optimise your health and wellbeing. No previous knowledge of Ayurveda required.

Would you like to join the Foundations of Ayurveda course in December? 

If you missed the first module of this course, you can register now and view all the sessions before we get together again for our second module—8 to10 December. 

It's easy to join the course now—simply register by clicking the Book Now link below and follow the prompts. Or call our Dru office on 02 6161 1462. 

Now... more about the course itself!


Happy I healthy I fulfilled

This three-module course brings the science of yoga and right living to everyone!
It helps you to be the best version of yourself—fit and healthy to live a long and happy life.

Find  your unique balance

Ayurveda—the science of life—is 6,000 year old therapeutic wisdom that heals mind, body and soul.
It raises consciousness so we may be more peaceful, loving and forgiving. It reconnects us to the grace and wonder of our planet and reminds us that we are custodians, each with our unique part to play.  



Whatever your age, gender or background—everyone can benefit from learning the basics of Ayurveda.

Join us to understand more about how to use Ayurveda for your individual wellbeing. 


Three 3-day modules
of live online interactive sessions, practical activities, movement, relaxation, breakout groups and much more. Recordings from module 1 are available for catch up 

Module 2: Online: Friday to Sunday, 8–10 December 2023

Module 3: Online: Friday to Sunday, 2–4 February 2024 
Module 3: Perth: Friday to Sunday April 2024 TBC

This course gives you an in-depth working knowledge of Ayurveda.
On completion, you will understand your unique individual make up, and be able to
create and integrate a personal ayurvedic treatment plan to promote your optimum health and wellbeing.  

You will learn daily approaches to 5 pathways to optimise your health:

  • diet and nutrition—what it means to cook ayurvedically
  • the healing power of kitchen herbs and spices
  • lifestyle—how to align with the powerful forces of nature
  • yogic practices—yoga, meditation, breathwork and relaxation to balance the doshas
  • body therapies and much much more.

The daytime sessions are coordinated to work right across Australasia from WA to NZ

Full course outline below, beneath the booking information.


8th Dec 2023, 09:30 to 27th Apr 2024, 17:00
Blended online streaming, zoom & live—wherever you have access to a computer or phone
Online & local, Australian Capital Territory
Event Fee(s)
Full course price A$2,108.00
Registration Fee A$450.00
Module 2 A$725.00
50% Refresh for those who have already completed the course A$1,050.00
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Prices and booking info

Prices and booking

Payment plan options        Registration                     Instalments          Total fees      
Upfront full course  n/a n/a  


Upfront 50% refresher course n/a n/a   $1054
Registration fee full course + monthly payments             $450 + $360 x 5    $2250
Module 2  $725 + $725 x 2   $2175


These fees cover your tuition, manuals, affiliation to WhatsApp community groups and online tutor groups
Once we receive your Registration we will contact you to finalise your payment plan.

If you would like to discuss your payment plan, please email
Register early to ensure your Module 1 manual arrives before module starts.


Frequently asked questions

May I join at Module 2?

  • Yes. Simply register with your preferred payment option.
  • All recordings from Module 1 are available to watch in your own time.
  • Your 4 comprehensive manuals will be posted out to you.
  • You can do a catch up metoring with either Mouli or Greg. Email to organise 

What do I get when I join the course?

  • The connection of a supportive community—an international tutor team, a sangha of like minded participants, tutor groups and a local buddy support system
  • access to a wealth of knowledge through LIVE real-time lectures and practical sessions, focus groups, group activities and Q&A sessions with the tutors
  • 4 content-rich manuals delivered to your home
  • ongoing WhatsApp community group chat with tutors and other students 
  • the opportunity to continue on to the Dru Ayurveda diploma course if you wish to become an Ayurvedic Health Coach

Do I need to know anything about Ayurveda before joining this course?

No, the good news is that this course is for everyone who wants to learn about Ayurveda and how to apply it to their everyday living. Anyone can do this course—whether you are a yoga teacher, a therapist, a health professional, or simply have a love for health and nature and want to understand yourself better.
How much time does it take?

  • 3 x 3-day live online modules with senior tutors, over 7 months from Sept/November 23 to March/April 2024
  • 2 additional days between modules to experience practical realtime Ayurvedic cooking and immersion in nature with tutors and buddy groups. 

Can I join if I live in a different time zone?

The daytime sessions are coordinated to work right across Australasia from WA to NZ. All online sessions are recorded.

Will I be able to contact a tutor if I don’t understand something?

Yes. During the duration of the course, you will be allocated to a buddy group with a support tutor to help you with any questions you may have.
Will all the sessions be recorded and available after the course finishes?

Yes, you have access to the audio recordings from all sessions for 12 months.
What am I able to do when I complete this course?
You will have:

  • a deeper insight into your unique constitution 
  • ability to apply the correct diet, lifestyle, yoga and meditation, therapies and kitchen herbs and spices to optimise YOUR health and wellbeing
  • the pre-requisite for the Dru Ayurveda Health Coach diploma course

Does this foundation course qualify me to teach or give advice?

No. If you'd like to quality as a safe practitioner you'll need further study with the Dru Ayurveda Health Coach diploma course (starting in 2024).
Why is Ayurveda so powerful?

Ayurveda is an ancient science that recognises that everything outside of us affects what goes on inside. The food we eat, the herbs or supplements we take, what we drink, the seasons of the year, the environment around us, even what type of exercise we do and therapies we receive, all have a particular type of impact on our body, mind and emotions. As we understand ourselves better, we notice how our health, relationships and quality of life all improve.  

According to the healing science of Ayurveda, every living and non-living thing in the universe is made up of a combination of 5 basic elements—space, air, fire, water and earth. Our human body is also made up of these 5 elements in various compositions. They manifest in the human body as 3 basic principles or subtle energies known as doshas: vata, pitta and kapha.
space + air combine to form vata
fire + water combine to form pitta
water + earth combine to form kapha

This explains why everything outside us can affect us. 
Knowledge of the 5 elements and the 3 doshas is essential in order to rebalance and lead Ayurvedically happy and healthy lives. When our constitution (doshas) are in balance, we are able to function at our highest level as human beings. By understanding the positive and negative aspects of each element and dosha, we can design our life in such a way that we can live the life we want to—healthy, happy and fulfilled. 

Cancellation policy

The course is tailored for those who wish to train in the Foundations of Ayurveda for its entire duration.
If for any reason you choose to withdraw from the course, you must notify us in writing. If you have paid any fees for the course in advance of the date on which we receive your notification, then we will return these fees to you, minus a withdrawal fee of $200. We calculate refunds on a pro-rata basis, from the date the course began to the time of us receiving notification of your wish not to continue.

For more information:
Please  email
call Mouli 0405 430 065
or call the Dru Office 02 6161 1462  

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Module 1 Ayurvedic nutrition

  • history of Ayurveda
  • the five elements
  • the three doshas (find out which dosha you are)
  • the three gunas
  • the 20 gunas
  • vata, pitta and kapha in-depth
  • food plans for vata, pitta and kapha
    (and how to adjust a menu according to needs of different doshas)
  • how to correct imbalances through diet
  • faulty food combining
  • agni and ama
  • the dhatus and the process of digestion
  • ama pachana (simple detox, the ayurvedic way)

Module 2  Ayurvedic lifestyle and herbs

  • the 40 fires—different types of agni in the body
  • samprapti—the six stages of disease
  • the healing power of herbs and spices
    (your kitchen is your medicine chest)
  • how to correct imbalances through lifestyle
  • natural cycles in Ayurveda—daily and seasonal
  • dinacharya (a daily routine to keep you vibrant)
  • eating with the seasons
  • practicals—cooking your ayurvedic meal for the seasons
  • prana, tejas and ojas

Module 3  The subtle aspects of Ayurveda 

  • the 15 subdoshas in depth
  • yoga, meditation and mantra for the doshas
  • simple tongue diagnosis
  • simple pulse diagnosis
  • overview of ayurvedic therapies
  • ama pachana revisited
  • meditation for the doshas
  • sound therapy for the doshas


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Course times

ONLINE AEST: 9.30 am to 4.30 pm each day, with a 90 min break for lunch
PERTH: 10am to 4.30pm (local time) with 1 hour for lunch

What you need

Our course will include yoga for the doshas, partner therapies, and lots of lifestyle activities, so do wear comfy clothes, and along with the usual yoga mat, yoga blanket, cushion, shawl, water bottle, notebook and manuals you may need a flask with hot boiled water or tissue water to sip throughout the day to keep you well hydrated, and a housemate at some points to enjoy the therapy with you.


Some extra info

  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time as we can start on time.
    We will open chat rooms so you can connect with your fellow participants before the sessions start
  • We allow time for regular screen breaks, earth breaks, fun breaks and eye rest breaks. 
  • Please wear loose comfortable clothing and position your yoga mat so we can see you when lying down relaxing as well as when sitting and standing for yoga and activations. 


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Janavi Scharbow is Dru Australasia FEO, an International Dru Teacher Trainer in all Dru modalities, with over 20 years of experience. Janavi combines her previous corporate business skills, personal development knowledge, Ayurvedic wisdom and yoga therapy to help people shine their natural gifts. She brings a depth of spirituality to connect to your highest.

Mouli MacKenzie is a Senior Dru Ayurveda, Meditation & Yoga Teacher Trainer and an Ayurvedic Health Coach. Mouli has nearly 20 years experience sharing the wisdom and practices of Dru and Ayurveda to resolve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health conditions. She inspires conscious living and empowers individuals to be the healthiest, most aware version of themselves.

Greg Carlin is a Senior Dru Ayurveda & Meditation Teacher Trainer & an Ayurvedic Consultant. With a background in nursing, Greg applies the Ayurvedic approach to help clients discover their distinctive constitution (mix of vata, pitta and kapha) and rebalance specific health status or conditions with diet, herbs, therapies and lifestyle.

Frani Wilde is a Dru Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Trainer and a Physiotherapist. She has been fascinated by ‘wellness’ and the healing power of nature for more than two decades. Her studies of Ayurveda have given her a framework to help people understand dis-ease (anything other than ease!) and simple principles to enable self healing. 






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‘A brilliant course for anyone interested in looking after their health and wellbeing. The teachers deliver this ancient wisdom and knowledge of the 'science of life' into a practical, applicable and modern package. At the end of the course I felt armed with a wonderfully resourceful manual,  and skills and tools to help me tune into myself to balance my constitution for optimal health.’ Joanna Bencke

‘Having attended a number of Dru courses in various disciplines, they all have one thing (at least!) in common, and the Foundations of Ayurveda Course is no exception. It is intelligently structured so that over the three modules more is revealed about this fascinating subject. Each module builds on the previous one, where we get the opportunity to try things out and implement changes.’  Gillian Howells

‘A very fascinating course. What we have learned in just the first 3 days can certainly transform our lives! Excellent teaching; I'm inspired and empowered to implement this healing science. BRILLIANT!’  S R, retired teacher

‘This was the best online course module I have ever experienced. Professional delivery, thoughtful program designed to meet the best learning opportunities online and well planned with refresh breaks, break out rooms and delivery that allowed a deep sense of personal connection with tutors, team and fellow students.’ Margot Smith

‘The Dru Foundations of Ayurveda course is one I would recommend to anyone who wishes to live a healthy, vibrant and happy life. The information and practices introduced are life changing—they provide a way forward to improved health, happiness and harmony in your life.’ Hana Patetl

‘Our bodies and nature are just amazing! I love the idea that we can heal ourselves from our kitchens, by tuning in with nature, the seasons, daily cycles and our own bodies. The tongue can give us clues every day as to what we need or what’s happening within us, and then we can take steps to help ourselves. As always on Dru courses, I have come away with so much amazing info and some really golden tools for my tool kit.’ Vanessa Curry

‘Very relevant learning easily integrated into today’s lifestyles. Also stepped brilliantly so the information was easy to understand as each module flowed very well to the next.’ Julie King, Health and wellbeing coach and Dru Yoga teacher

‘It was wonderful, friendly, motivating, open and informative. Love you guys, and I could feel the love and wisdom you have put into this course.’  Morag Morrish, Dru Yoga teacher and life coach

A brilliant course that provides you with the skills to embody the wisdom of Ayurveda to make daily choices that gently nurture and empower yourself and family.’ Kathryn Larkin, Life coach, counsellor and mentor

‘Ayurveda has increased my physical and mental health, while constantly inspiring me to live an Ayurvedic life in the kitchen and beyond. I’ve gained yummy recipes, helpful videos, and a community of like-minded and supportive Ayurvedic souls. Thank you for your ongoing compassion, laughter and sharing of your knowledge of ancient principles so beautifully. It really ticked all my boxes! Thank you again!!’  Jane Bennett, Ayurveda Health Coach, Dru Yoga teacher 

‘The course is very well presented, professional, friendly and felt very inclusive… providing an opportunity for all to embrace, no matter where we live, from our own homes.’  Elaine Tscharke, Dru Yoga teacher and life coach

‘The total program was fantastic and the support outstanding. Informative, excellent resources, all done with a wonderful sense of humour. Marvellous, the wisdom of the tutors was excellent and the camaraderie great. Heartfelt gratitude and thanks for an excellent module.’  Shirley Schubach, retired Administration Officer

‘Ayurveda is a lifestyle for everyone, it allows you to feel lighter and brighter, to experience longevity, when you follow a precious routine each day and enjoy the delicious meals your life will transform like you have never experienced before!’  Miranda Beltman, Dru Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Therapist, Health and Wellbeing Coach

‘Online delivery was great as always.’ Donna Ward , Forensic clinical specialist

‘The Dru Foundations of Ayurveda Course has been an amazing journey. Ayurveda is fascinating. Thank you for sharing so much wisdom and practical advice. Can't wait to learn more.’ Helena Smith, teacher

‘This Dru Ayurveda course gave me an understanding of my innate nature when my soul arrived in this body, how it's travelled over the years and what I can do to move back towards my natural state—balanced, healthy and happy.’ Suzanna Thell, Dru Yoga Kids & Teens tutor

‘Here is a blueprint for health individually tailored to your unique  constitution. A gift beyond price and the foundation to allow you to express your true purpose! ’ Elizabeth Davidson, Dru Yoga and meditation teacher, retired psychologist


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