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Workshops & Try-outs

24 November, 2018. Wolverhampton
25 November, 2018. Glasgow
12 January, 2019. Cheltenham
26 January, 2019. Coventry
registration open till 26 Jan
23 February, 2019. Wolverhampton
25 April, 2019. Tavistock
registration open till 24 Apr

Training & Postgrad

2 September, 2018. Stirling
registration open till 9 Dec
16 September, 2018. London
registration open till 3 Feb
1 November, 2018. Snowdonia
registration open till 16 Jan
24 November, 2018. London
registration open till 2 Mar
30 March, 2019. Wolverhampton
registration open till 15 Mar
28 September, 2019. Wolverhampton
1 November, 2019. Snowdonia
registration open till 22 Sep

Online classes

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Dru Yoga is a graceful, strong and potent form of yoga. Based on soft flowing movements, Dru Yoga works on body, mind and spirit leaving you feeling positive and empowered.

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