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Online Dru Wisdom Sangha Australia There is nothing better than the sense of belonging and connection as you journey with a group of like minded Souls and wise friends & teachers to explore life's deeper questions. As a seeker after the highest truth and a person who cares very deeply for all of life we invite you to join our 8 month Australasian Wisdom Sangha journey together

Would you say you are a sincere seeker of spirituality, someone who yearns to connect with the Infinite and make a great contribution to the world as a result? 

As a Dru graduate, or someone who has travelled the spiritual path on your way to Dru, you walk through life with a wisdom and self-awareness which is rare indeed on this planet. 

All the great spiritual traditions agree you cannot walk the path of a seeker by Sadhana (regular practise) alone....


We need Sangha, the regular presence and company of like minded Souls...

Give to and be supported by loving caring friends



We need Siksha, personalised teachings from wise friends and mentors...

Receive personalised help in crafting your individual Sadhana to achieve all you wish for


We need Seva; service on fire with love and wisdom...

To live a truly fulfilling life of great purpose


Joining the Wisdom Sangha will nourish you through 7 highly interactive, online guided learning experiences over a period of 8 months from May 2023 through to November 2023. 


During these 8 months you will be guided through the big questions of life and spirituality such as:

  • When there are major challenges for people in the world around me - how can I help?

  • When Im worried about finances, how do I respond

  • When Im thriving and in flow towards my goals, how do I have more of the same?

  • How do I help the Earth and help others help her?

  • When people around me are anxious - or I am- what can I do?

  • How can I optimise my health so life can flow effortlessly?


We can explore.....

  • How to use a diva and 5-element shrine as a map to your spiritual ascendency

  • How to create real power of intention, prayer, sankalpa.

  • How to open a spiritual text and make it powerful, sacred and answer your everyday questions.

  • ...and much more!!


How does it work? 

This is an 8-month programme with 7 highly interactive small group sessions online

Each session will be led by some of Dru Australasia's most senior teachers.

For those of you who have journeyed together with SOY or GAL groups, we will endeavour to place you with participants from your previous groups where possible.  

The format will be:

  • Initial presentation / satsang to set you up for your community-building experience

  • Your time to discuss, discover, share, support

  • Final conclusions

The initial presentations and final conclusions will be recorded (excluding the group interactions).

  • Each session will be available to all groups. 

  • So you will rapidly gain access to a vast library of all the senior trainers’ wisdom on all topics!


Who is this course for?

This course is for graduates of Dru advanced courses: Spirituality of Yoga, Dru Meditation Mastery or Dru Meditation Teacher training, Advanced Practitioner Diploma (called Post Graduate Mastery Course in Australasia), Steps to Enlightenment, Sri Vidya and Dru Ayurveda health Coach Diploma.

It's also open, by application to any strong seeker or teacher with a strong commitment to adding light to our world. We encourage you to email us: info@dru.com.au 

We welcome any belief system or philosophies you hold and are delighted to bathe in the wisdom of any culture. 


When will the sessions be?

Sessions offered will be dependent upon numbers and location of students (particularly numbers of WA and NZ  students) 

Sessions will be approximately monthly with a couple of longer gaps to accommodate school holidays. 

At this stage we will be offering Tuesdays 10am or Thursdays 7pm. 
PLEASE NOTE: The Tuesday sessions have already commenced and are now full. You can only sign up for Thursday evenings. 

These are proposed dates are:

May 9th & 11th

June 6th & 8th

Aug 15th & 17th

Sept 12th & 14th

Oct 17th & 19th 

Nov 14th & 16th

Dec  12th & 14th


We understand in these turbulent times it’s wise to be aware of our abundance. So we are making these so affordable, you can’t miss out!


11th May 2023, 00:00 to 14th Dec 2023, 00:00
Online streaming and zoom—wherever you have access to a computer or phone
Australian Capital Territory
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Full price Up Front A$305.00
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Registration for Monthly DPN/GAL A$25.00
Registration for Monthly Full Price A$35.00
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Prices and booking

Two options:

1. Full payment upfront

2. Set up a monthly payment

Full Payment Before Course starts:

DPN/Global Ambassadors Discount (30% discount & payment up front discount) $205 

Full Price with full payment discount $305


Monthly Payments:  Registration plus 8 monthly payments. 

  • Registration payment now of $25 (discount for Global Ambassador participants and current DPN members) or $35 (non-discounted)
  • We will send you a link in the new year to set up the 8 monthly payments of $25 or $35 respectively starting March and ending in October 2023.

DPN/Global Ambassadors discounted monthly payment: $25

Full Payment Monthly: $35

Dru CPD points 7
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Participants who withdraw from an event they have registered for up to one month prior to the start date may receive a full refund or may transfer their payment to another course or event, or to the purchase of Dru products.

Participants who withdraw from an event up to 7 days before the start date may receive a 50% refund or may transfer 50% of their payment to another course or event, or to the purchase of Dru products.

Course participants must notify Dru Australasia in writing on the appropriate application form if they intend to withdraw from a course once it has begun.

In the event of a participant not meeting their commitments to regular course payments Dru Australasia will consider that they have withdrawn from the course.

In the event of withdrawal within 7 days once a course has begun Dru Australasia will charge a $200 administration fee. 

Payments made for the course will be calculated pro rata up to the date the application for withdrawal is received.

Any monies paid for the course beyond that date may be transferred to another course or event. 

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