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"Dru Yoga should be
  in every GP surgery"

Dr Hilary Jones
GP and broadcaster

About Dru

We started out as a group of university students wanting to make a difference to the world. 35 years on and we are now an international company which has improved the lives and wellbeing of thousands through yoga and meditation. Our aim has always been to promote a positive and more peaceful existence.

All of us at Dru continue to support these aims with an enthusiastic and passionate attitude. Yoga and meditation remain at the very core of everything we do and through our shared passion and understanding of health and wellbeing we strive to inspire a naturally healthier way of living for everybody.

No matter what age, ability or fitness level you are you can benefit from our variety of services including therapeutic yoga, online classes, organised retreats, health remedies and yoga teacher training courses.

What's different about Dru Yoga?

Dru Yoga has its roots in hatha yoga and includes classical yoga postures (asanas), pranayama (the science of breath) mudras (hand gestures), positive affirmations, empowering visualisations and powerful sequences performed in a flowing and dynamic style. Dru Yoga classes are tailored to the level of the individuals within the class and usually contain Energy Block Release sequences (EBRs), graceful flowing yoga sequences, pranayama, relaxation and Dru Meditation. What is unique about Dru Yoga?

  • Joints are kept relaxed and soft during movement (as in tai chi). This creates flexibility and a free flow of subtle energy.
  • Energy Block Release sequences are easy-to-practise. Flowing movements help to release tension physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • In Dru Yoga all movements originate from the spine because a flexible, healthy spine supports your entire yoga practice.
  • The spinal wave and spinal twist are core features of Dru, enhancing spinal health and vitality.
  • A deep undertanding of core stability is a major focus.
  • Dru Yoga works to balance the chakras (energy centres of the body) and access the powerful energy of the heart.
  • Within the flow of movement, Dru Yoga creates powerful moments of stillness which we call ‘Dru points’.

So how does Dru Yoga compare with other types of yoga?

There are dozens of types of yoga in the UK. At present, Dru is the second largest British yoga teacher training school. Many people come to Dru Yoga classes as they enjoy the graceful, flowing sequences of this accessible type of yoga.

Dru Yoga can be practised by people of all fitness levels and abilities. If you enjoy a gentle sequence of yoga postures, then try a Dru Yoga class near you. If you would prefer something more dynamic, then explore the Dru Yoga classes in your area or try Dru Dance - where the flowing Dru sequences are performed to upbeat music. Dru Yoga really has something for everyone!

'Having experienced many different forms of yoga over the last twelve years, I find the holistic philosophy of Dru Yoga very appealing and most effective!' Jill, Dru Yoga undergraduate, UK

What does 'Dru' Mean?

Dru comes from the Sanskrit word dhruva, which refers to the stillness that can be experienced in Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation. In this stillness we are able to sit back from anything that may be happening around us and see and act from a point of clarity and inner calm.

A therapeutic form of yoga

Dru Yoga offers a therapeutic approach. We can help to relieve pain and increase energy levels. Whether you are recovering from, or living with, an injury or illness our yoga classes offer restorative gentle techniques which bring the body into balance and reduce stress.

The gentle, easy flowing sequences of Dru Yoga embrace ancient yogic traditions, which help strengthen the body and uplift the mind and spirit. The combination of uplifting poses will enrich you with positivity and lightness as well as having significant positive effects on your health and wellbeing.

Yoga Courses, Retreats & Holidays

Why not join us at our Retreat Centre in North Wales - nestled into the heart of Snowdonia National Park is our stunning 'Snowdonia Mountain Lodge'. Relax by rivers, climb mountains and enjoy our delicious vegetarian cuisine.

We run Yoga, Meditation & relaxation holidays all year round. Take some time out for yourself - you deserve it!

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Dru Yoga teacher training (200 hrs) or therapy training (500hrs)

We have been training yoga teachers for over 20 years. We now have training schools all around the globe, enabling you to train as a Dru Yoga teacher at a location near you. To cater for all different needs, we hold residential and non-residential courses that run either on weekends, single days or as 5 day modules.

Train with DRU - make a living doing what you love!

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