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Anita Goswami

Director of Dru Yoga

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The Radiant Heart - Anita Goswami
Anita Goswami   26 mins
Prepare to feel totally at peace with yourself and the world around you with the Radiant Heart... Read more...

Anita Goswami

Director of Dru Yoga
Anita Goswami

For three decades Anita Goswami has been empowering people to be more than they every thought they could be.

International presenter, Dru life-coach and mentor, Anita has made ‘reaching your potential’ a reality for countless people worldwide. She understands and knows the rhythm of success and how to transmit that pulse to anyone who is wanting to 'take their passion and make it happen’!

‘If you want to be the best, you have to work with the best. Anita knows how to focus and redirect your life so that it not only works, it rocks.’ Yamuna Loyal

‘One-one mentoring has taken my life onto a  completely new level and the support Anita has given me has made everything work.’ Irene

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18 September, 2013
Awakening the Heart with EBR 3
Anita Goswami Try this remarkable Dru Yoga programme when you want to feel warmly confident, charged up with energy and enthusiastic.    Anita Goswami has specially designed this yoga session to strengthen the powerful field of energy... Read more...
18 September, 2013
Deep Relaxation
Anita Goswami Learning to activate a deep body and mind relaxation response whenever necessary is a quick and easy way to reduce everyday stress and tension.  Learn to completely relax at will with these guided relaxations which can be... Read more...
16 September, 2013
Guide to Personal Freedom
Savitri MacCuish & Anita Goswami Nine key principles for inner transformation. This book is a treasure trove of practical advice, techniques and wisdom; a guide to your personal freedom. 'Wonderful examples are given on every page: a... Read more...