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Chandra Goswami

International yoga and health lecturer

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Ardha Chandrasana
Chandra Goswami   16 mins
In this short class we enjoy two strong poses to strengthen and tone every single muscle in your body... Read more...
Energy Block Release 6
Chandra Goswami   41 mins
Discover the depth and grace of EBR 6 - awakening to the cosmic spiral. This sequence attunes you to... Read more...
Gratitude with chandra goswami
Chandra Goswami   3 mins
Gratitude isn't just a heart quality - it can be felt throughout the whole body. In moments of... Read more...
introduction to Patanjali
Chandra Goswami   10 mins
In this short introduction to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Chandra shares with us some of the Sanskrit... Read more...
Patanjali - 8 limbs of yoga
Chandra Goswami   17 mins
Ashtanga literally means '8 limbs' (ashta=eight, anga=limb) or the 'eight-fold path' and is the... Read more...
Swadyaya - Self-study, Chandra Goswami
Chandra Goswami   7 mins
Study - it can either remind you of hours stuck in a musty library or it can be a whole... Read more...
Chandra Goswami   4 mins
Trust is a powerful quality that brings with it an incredible sense of wellbeing. There are many... Read more...
warrior 2 with Chandra Goswami
Chandra Goswami   18 mins
In today's class we join Chandra as we explore Warrior 2 and the Reverse Warrior - the perfect... Read more...

Chandra Goswami

International yoga and health lecturer

Chandra Goswami is Director of Dru Scotland.

Chandra facilitates many of Dru's courses, retreats and workshops throughout Scotland.  An International Dru Yoga and Meditation Trainer, Chandra has taught and led programmes in Australasia, Europe and the UK.

Chandra’s passion is people and how to help them use techniques to prevent stress and burn-out, and master the body-mind balance. Having taught Dru Yoga for over 10 years Chandra also works as a personal Dru Lifestyle coach, and is noted for her sensitive and reassuring approach. She uses specific Dru principles in her stress prevention workshops and has taught these to a wide range of audiences including corporate executives, governmental and diplomatic staff as well as health and education professionals.  

A former school teacher and Deputy Head Teacher, Chandra had great success in introducing Dru Yoga to the staff and pupils of her school, and in developing their personal and social health.


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14 January, 2018
Dru Yoga and the Ayurvedic approach to health
Chandra Goswami introduces you to Ayurveda's cellular health - literally, from the inside out!  Some of you may know that I’m here in India, in the Southern state of Kerala. We are perched up high in the Nilgiri Hills (... Read more...
16 August, 2020
Falling in Love with Your Spiritual Life
Here's some thoughts on how to fall in love with your spiritual life, all over again! And at the same time, some pointers for where the techniques on the Spirituality of Yoga course are designed to take you. Looking forward to seeing you... Read more...