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Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer

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4 directions christiane
Christiane Saar   58 mins
Join Christiane in this class filmed live at the Dru Centre in Snowdonia. Christiane will take you... Read more...
Aligning and stabilising your power centres
Christiane Saar   90 mins
This week we bring calm and stability to our minds and bodies through exploring the deeper... Read more...
Alive, awake and focused
Christiane Saar  & Joshna Patel   55 mins
Fire up your focus! This combination of the Eagle pose and the Inner Fire sequence are designed to... Read more...
Ananda-antara Dru Dance Phrase 1 (long version)
Christiane Saar   56 mins
Dru Dance Trainer, Christiane Saar guides you through the first part of Ananda-antara. Created... Read more...
Ananda-antara Dru Dance Phrase 1 and 2
Christiane Saar   60 mins
In this Dru Dance class Christiane develops the Ananda-antara Dru Dance to include phrase 2 of... Read more...
Ananda-antara Dru Dance Phrase 1 (short demo)
Christiane Saar   2 mins
Watch this wonderful demonstration of phrase 1 of the Ananda-antara Dance. Watch the full... Read more...
Asanas to awaken your spine
Christiane Saar   77 mins
Filmed live at our Dru Centre join Christiane as she shares the asanas that train and awaken the... Read more...
Come to your centre with Christiane
Christiane Saar   59 mins
In this class we work dynamically through Energy Block Release 2. EBR2 is a complete whole body... Read more...


Christiane Saar

Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer
Christiane Saar

As a Dru Yoga teacher trainer, I'm passionate about health and wellbeing and how to improve it using simple and powerful tools of Dru Yoga. I'm based at the Dru International Training Centre in North Wales and to date I've taught Dru Yoga in New Zealand, Australia, Germany, India and around the UK. My main focus here at Dru, is teaching workshops, retreats and teacher training courses. 

I'm also currently managing the Dru Volunteer Programme at the course centre in North Wales. So if you're interested in joining us to experience volunteering at our stunning retreat centre - get in touch!

Having originally trained as an Architect being concerned with the construction of buildings I then discovered my passion in people, asking myself the question: What components make a human being? How is the physical body built? What exactly happens energetically? What are emotions? How does the mind work? And how can a human being be fully integrated into themselves and thus find joy and empowerment?

I was amazed by how intrinsically linked and detailed this is, and Dru teaches exactly that! Because Dru works gently through the construction of all the layers of a human being it discovers the core of who you are- by peeling away the layers that you are not. So you can be who you want to be. It’s simple and powerful. And by the end of it you believe you can “fly” because you truly soar to your real heights.

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16 December, 2021
Christmas Tree - Dru Yoga class
You are transforming the world by giving people the tools to transform themselves. Whether you take yoga of the mat or teach in a studio, Yoga is all about connecting. It's about connecting ourselves with the elements, with the environment... Read more...
18 November, 2019
Complete Spinal Alignment Sequence
Poor posture is the cause of approximately 90% of neck and back problems, resulting in weakness in the postural muscle groups particularly around the trunk, shoulder blades and neck. Recent research has shown that many people who have had... Read more...
22 April, 2020
8 April, 2020
Happy Hanuman Jayanti! Today's free technique-the Windmill Breath.
The purpose of the windmill is to open your chest and expand it so that you breath more openly and deeply. I also strengthen the diaphragm, stretches the neck muscles and loosens up the shoulder blades. Technique: stage 1 Listen and... Read more...