Jane Radhika Patel

Sacred Sound Mentor

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Intro to sacred sound
Jane Radhika Patel   5 mins
Welcome to this series on Sacred Sound. Enjoy listening and singing along as Jane takes a... Read more...
Gita - mental freedom - dharma
Jane Radhika Patel   12 mins
Welcome to this session on sacred sound which is dedicated to helping us find mental freedom... Read more...
Gita for inner light
Jane Radhika Patel   11 mins
This session is dedicated to helping you re-discover your inner light. 
 This verse...
Gita empowerment
Jane Radhika Patel   13 mins
Whether you consider yourself a singer or not, join in with Jane as she explores ... Read more...

Jane Radhika Patel

Sacred Sound Mentor
Jane Radhika Patel

Singer, songwriter, mother and grandmother, Jane has spent the last 30 years exploring the potential of sound as a tool for enhanced consciousness.

Jane has created CDs and even tapes based on inspirational and motivational themes. Jane has also travelled the world singing songs to uplift the spirit over the years and has sung to raise money for the World Peace Flame charity. These days, along with writing more English songs, she enjoys working creatively with ancient Sanskrit texts.

“Sanskrit is one of the most ancient languages of the world. When we verbalise these sounds, even if we don’t understand them, they are like a healing medicine. It's pure vibration seeps into our psyche and works its magic.” Jane Radhika Patel