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Joshna Patel

Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer

Joshna Patel

Dip DYT (T)
Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer
Johsna Patel

Born in a family of yogis, Joshna has grown up surrounded by yoga from an early age. She brings to her teaching a wealth of authentic, indigenous yogic wisdom,

Her training as a nurse, as well as in Ayurveda reflects her passion for uniting eastern and western health philosophies. For the past 20 years, she's taught yoga programmes in hospitals, schools, businesses (particulary construction and transport companies), care homes and stress management all over the UK and abroad; Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Vancouver and India.

Now based in the West Midlands she offers workshops, yoga teacher training and home programmes to people from all walks of life—making Dru Yoga accessible to all age groups and fitness levels. Her emphasis is teaching people how to benefit from yoga in your own environment.

Joshna represents Dru Yoga extensively in exhibitions around the country such as the Yoga Show, and facilitates many projects that require teamwork.

Articles, blogs and products

29 March, 2019
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27 March, 2019
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25 January, 2018
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