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Lalita Doerstel

Senior Dru Yoga & Meditation teacher trainer

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heaven and earth mudra sequence for total balance 2
Lalita Doerstel   30 mins
Discover how to bring your body back into it's natural harmonic balance with this magnificent... Read more...
rotated triangle
Lalita Doerstel   42 mins
Enjoy this great class exploring the Rotated Triangle in depth with Lalita. This posture is grest... Read more...
shiva shakti
Lalita Doerstel   57 mins
A calming graceful sequence with strength and power! Join Lalita as you explore the male and... Read more...
Lalita mudra class
Lalita Doerstel   15 mins
From the moment we wake up to the moment we rest our head on the pillow we may have used as many as... Read more...
Lalita - understanding mudras
Lalita Doerstel   6 mins
In this ancient science of yoga, it is said that the hands form a map of the body in a... Read more...

Lalita Doerstel

Senior Dru Yoga & Meditation teacher trainer

Lalita is an extremely talented yoga teacher trainer, with over thirty years of experience.

Her knowledge of yoga philosophy and practice is second to none, and her insightfulness into the application of yoga to therapeutic situations is outstanding. Lalita has the ability to inspire you to bring out the very best in you, and she is an expert at applying yogic principles to just about any situation.

Lalita has an excellent practical approach to the body's energy systems and teaches workshops on chakra balancing and strengthening the body's energy system.


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13 October, 2020
Bring greater balance to your five koshas
The five layers of your being, by using just 5 mudras with affirmation and awareness. Our hands are our gifts of bringing our lives into action and our fingers are energetic tools to greater health and happiness. Read more...
18 September, 2013
Clarity and Creativity with EBR 5
Lalita Doerstel   Boost your creativity and get clarity on your life with this gentle Dru Yoga programme.    Particularly good for clearing the effects of a busy day, a long meeting or 'too much going on', this sequence will help you feel... Read more...
29 May, 2020
Dharana Concentration
The master of concentration is elimination