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Mona Fairholme

Senior Dru Yoga teacher trainer

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Dru Core Strength, Mona Fairholme
Mona Fairholme   35 mins
Strengthen your core from top to toe with strong, focused moves to protect your back and ensure... Read more...
Tri Spinal Release - Freeing the Spine, Mona Fairholme
Mona Fairholme   50 mins
Tri – spinal release movements work on the shoulders, pelvis and spinal column to loosen all the... Read more...

Mona Fairholme

Senior Dru Yoga teacher trainer

Mona is a senior tutor for Dru Yoga North in Leeds W, Yorkshire.

She been has teaching Dru Yoga Classes for 14 years and teaching Dru Meditation for 7 years. She is also a qualified Yoga Sports coach (yoga sports science), reflexologist and EFT practitioner.

Mona runs workshops on Dru yoga, Dru meditation, and Dru Dance and teaches in Leeds, Midlands, Wales and Scotland. She runs an annual sponsored Surya Namaskara Challenge to raise funds for World Peace lame and the Dru medical camps in India. 

She is passionate about sharing Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation as she believes they enable people to be the best they can be.  By bringing awareness and stillness into their lives, Dru allows them to see the results of their thoughts, words and actions.  This empowers people to take charge of their lives. They can make stronger choices, which will benefit them on all levels physical, mental and emotional and have fun at the same time.


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3 December, 2020
Why yoga, why now, why Dru?
“My training in yoga gave me the courage to set up Dru Yoga in Leeds and train over 200 people" Mona Fairholme  Listen to the full interview here > or read the highlights below.  Radha: I know from visiting you in Read more...