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Monica Staniforth

Senior Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer

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Attuning to the Elements - Monica Staniforth
Monica Staniforth  & Angela Baker   22 mins
Ground and centre your mind and body On those days when there is so much going on and you are being... Read more...
Waterfall class with Monica Staniforth
Monica Staniforth   58 mins
Filmed on location near Llanberis in North Wales - this cooling and soothing class will make you feel... Read more...

Monica Staniforth

Senior Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer
Monica Staniforth

As a senior tutor on the Dru Yoga Teacher training courses, I have taught Dru Yoga workshops, classes, retreats and teacher training courses over the last 20 years in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India and throughout the UK.

I am currently based in the West Midlands, where we are running Dru Yoga and Meditation Teacher training courses as well as many local events and workshops.
Health and wellbeing are my greatest passion and Dru yoga provides the perfect tool kit for everyone, of all abilities to be able to create this in their lives. Dru Yoga effects all areas of you life and health, from physical health and fitness, to mental efficiency and balance, emotional strength and determination and success in personal goal setting and outcomes. Throughout my years of teaching, I have seen 100's of students transform their lives by committing to a regular Dru Yoga practice.
My greatest wish for everyone I meet is that they discover their strength and purpose in life and the freedom to succeed in what ever they dream to do.