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Mouli MacKenzie

Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer

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Salutation to the 4 Directions - Mouli Mackenzie
Mouli MacKenzie  & Anouschka Dack   46 mins
This is a powerful sequence to totally balance and attune with the five main elements in your body,... Read more...

Mouli MacKenzie

Dip DYT (T)
Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer

Mouli is one of Dru's international tutors and teacher trainers. She teaches on the Dru Yoga, Dru Dance and Dru Meditation teacher training courses, and on Dru retreats.

An award winning book designer, Mouli is also part of the Dru international publications team and heads the Dru graphics team in Australia. A qualified therapist, Mouli mentors people to help them overcome emotional blocks, and also runs relaxing weekend retreats on the south coast and annual visioning workshops.