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Roos Kocken (MSc)

Dru Yoga Teacher

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Roos Kocken cool down
Roos Kocken   10 mins
This is the perfect class after you've done a strong yoga practice and need to gently stretch out and... Read more...
Roos Kocken Sun sequence
Roos Kocken   10 mins
In this short class you'll go through one full round of Surya Namaskara in a strong dynamic flow.... Read more...
Roos vitality exercises
Roos Kocken   4 mins
In this great activation session you'll learn a short sequence of 3 movements which are perfect to... Read more...

Roos Kocken (MSc)

Dru Yoga Teacher
Roos Kocken

Roos is a yoga teacher and body positivity ambassador. She started Dru at age 15 and is now a full time yoga teacher in Holland and abroad.

A traveler at heart, she has assisted with Dru centers around the world. She loves yoga because it allows her to express her creativity, be in the moment and become still. Growing up with a very busy mind (undiagnosed ADHD), Dru Yoga and meditation has helped her in a big way to develop, learn and succeed. 
Since starting teaching 10 years ago, Roos took yoga trainings in different styles such as Vinyasa, Yin and chair yoga. She loves connecting with students, in class and online, but ideally outside, near the sea. Connecting to your body and breath while in nature just adds that extra special flavour to your practice! Which is why she teaches beach classes in her town every summer. Apart from teaching yoga and organising events and retreats, Roos also hosts courses on loving yourself and your body. 

The next one starts 30 December 2020! Sign up now.

Find her on social media at @yogawithroos and

"I'll help you connect to your body
and see the beauty that's already there."