Sylvia Barrington

Senior Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer

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Energy Block Release 5
Sylvia Barrington   21 mins
Welcome to this session with DYTT course tutor Sylvia Barrington. Today she will introduce EBR 5,... Read more...

Sylvia Barrington

Senior Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer
Sylvia Barrington

Sylvia has been teaching Dru yoga since 1990,  she is an enigmatic and popular teacher and has also established herself as an expert educator and yoga therapist.

Sylvia has a thorough and deep knowledge of all aspects of yoga and demonstrates from day to day how to live a yogic life. She has pioneered many yoga therapeutic studies here in the UK, in collaboration with university departments, and was the first person to run Dean Ornish's coronary care programme in Liverpool. Having spent many years working in adult education, Sylvia is an expert in educational methods and has taught City & Guilds teacher training courses in Liverpool to many students. She is a pioneer and has coordinated many educational programmes in her various roles. Currently Sylvia chairs the Dru Curriculum Committee and also currently sits on the British Council of Yoga Therapy in charge of yoga therapy curriculum development.

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