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Vera Gubbels

Dru Yoga & Dru Dance teacher trainer

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Energy Block Release 1
Vera Gubbels   60 mins
Geniet van deze sequentie die is opgebouwd om energieblokkades in je lichaam los te laten. Deze... Read more...
Garudasana - The Eagle Posture
Vera Gubbels   60 mins
In deze les neemt Vera je mee in een serie activaties en voorbereidingen van het lichaam voor... Read more...
Tri-spinal Release
Vera Gubbels   50 mins
Deze les is een prachtige balans tussen beweging en ontspanning om je hele lichaam soepeler te maken... Read more...

Vera Gubbels

Dru Yoga & Dru Dance teacher trainer

Vera Gubbels is a senior Dru Yoga and meditation teacher. Based in the Netherlands, she runs her own yoga studio and teaches over 100 students every week.

Her teaching takes many forms, all based around Dru Yoga:

>   Teaching hormone yoga classes, pregnancy yoga and yoga in the workplace
>   Teaching on the Dru Yoga Teacher Training courses, as a senior trainer
>   Organizing workshops and events in the Netherlands, UK and Kenya
>   Giving classes on the Dru Yoga Online Studio

Vera is a specialist in yoga sequences and energy flow and brings to yoga the creative qualities she developed at the Academy of Art. She is enthusiastic about intuitively discovering new ways to teach and combine asanas in flowing movements, and is passionate about making every posture available for everybody.

In addition to the physical benefits that come from yoga, Vera makes people aware of the subtle energy and the feeling behind each movement and sequence by working on all the different layers of existence in her teachings – physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. She often teaches mudras, mudra sequences in combination with breathing techniques and visualization, enhancing the benefits of each asana.

She offers mentoring in yoga, meditation and breathing techniques, and incorporates healing  through quantum touch, living-light-healing, flower and gemstone remedies.

Vera loves to give people the tools they need to take charge of their own lives and to share the transformative power of Dru yoga and meditation with others. For Vera, Dru Yoga is not only about movements but is a way of moving into the stillness of the heart, a way of living that helps you to experience the truth of who you are.