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Frequently asked questions about Dru

  1. How is Dru Yoga different to other styles of yoga?
  2. Why should I practise Dru Yoga?
  3. How often should I practise Dru Yoga?
  4. What time of day is best to practise?
  5. I am a beginner….can I join in?
  6. How can I train as a Dru Yoga teacher?
  7. How do I find a Dru Yoga class near me?
  8. How do I find out about Dru events near me?


Frequently asked safety questions

    I have;

    1. arthritis
    2. high blood pressure
    3. heart problems
    4. glaucoma
    5. diabetes
    6. back pain
    7. I am pregnant. Can I join in?
    8. Can my child join in the class?


    Video frequently asked questions

    1. My video won't play
    2. My video keeps stopping mid-play
    3. I can’t get my video to play full screen
    4. How do I stream my video on the TV?
    5. I can’t download the video
    6. I can't hear my video



    Login frequently asked questions

    1. I have forgotten my login id / password
    2. I would like to change my password
    3. I can't log in
    4. Where's My Account?


    Membership frequently asked questions

    1. I would like to change my membership option
    2. I would like to renew my membership
    3. I would like to cancel my membership and I paid using Paypal
    4. My membership has finished, but you are still taking the subscription fee out of my account. Why is this?


    Payment questions

    1. I want to update my credit card details so my membership stays current
    2. I can't remember whether I paid by credit card or by PayPal
    3. What's PayPal and what is
    4. What's a payment 'in process'?
    5. How do I cancel my membership? 


    Other frequently asked questions

    1. How do I refer a friend?
    2. How do I clear my browser's history? 


    If your question is not answered here, please contact us.


    Frequently asked questions about Dru

    How is Dru Yoga different to other styles of yoga?

    Yoga is yoga. 82 amazing asanas designed to keep your body in tip top health. The different styles just emphasise different aspects of yoga. Some focus on flexibility, others on strength and endurance, others on flow.

    Dru Yoga is a traditional style of yoga, that emphasises FLOW. We like to string the postures together into gorgeous sequences so that your body develops flexibility and strength with ease and without strain. We like to enjoy our yoga practice! We like to have a cup of tea in between sequences and a chat with friends. Dru Yoga is all about making YOU feel GOOD. It is about helping YOU to unlock your inner potential and discover the power to live your dreams. It is about helping YOU discover YOU - the beautiful you inside. It is about helping you to discover the STILL POINT within, from which stems all calmness, happiness and contentment.

    Why should I practise Dru Yoga?

    Yoga will dramatically improve your health. Statistics now show that even one session of Dru Yoga can help ease stress and tension, raise energy levels, improve posture and back care, enhance coping skills and confidence levels.

    How often should I practise Dru Yoga?

    One session a week will enable you to experience a difference in your health and wellbeing. The optimum, of course, is to take time every day to re-charge and replenish your batteries with a session. Remember that there are 1040 minutes in a day. 60 of those can radically enrich your life.

    What time of day is best to practise?

    The optimum time is to practise is at the beginning of your day. It is the perfect way to start your day! However, it all depends on your lifestyle. If this is just not possible due to other commitments and family situations, then the evening is fine. It may be immediately on returning from work, or just before you go to bed. It is important not to practise your yoga on a full stomach, so a few hours after a main meal is sensible.

    I am a beginner….can I join in?

    Yes!! Dru Yoga is designed for anyone to participate. Whether you are new or well familiar with yoga, we guarantee that you will enjoy your session. There will be something for everyone. We always provide plenty of modifications to postures and sequences to allow individuals of all levels to participate.

    How can I train as a Dru Yoga teacher?

    Dru is an International Teacher Training Academy. We have training courses available in UK, Canada, Netherlands and Australia plus postgraduate courses for continuing professional development.

    To find out more go to: Dru Yoga as a career

    How do I find a Dru Yoga class near me?

    Dru Yoga classes are available in the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands and across Europe, Australia and Canada.

    Call our friendly head office in Snowdonia on 01248 602900 ext 0, give them your postcode, and they will let you know of all the teachers we have on our professional register in your area.

    Alternatively click here to search for a yoga teacher nearest you. You'll find that many Dru Yoga teachers have a speciality - whether it's Dru Dance or teaching Pre-natal yoga or children's yoga. So do contact them before the class to find out what to bring and what to expect.

    If you live outside the UK click here to search Dru classes in your area.

    How do I find out about Dru events near me?

    Catch a Dru workshop. Our top tutors are constantly on tour throughout the UK, offering practical hands-on workshops on Dru Yoga and a variety of other topics - from Dru Meditation to stress management, Dru Sound and Dru Dance. Click here for detailed intineries of events in your area.

    If you live outside the UK contact us for further info on Dru events in your area.

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    Frequently asked safety questions

    I have arthritis

    What type of arthritis do you have? It is useful to have a diagnosis. For osteoarthritis most yoga movements will be extremely helpful. Please do not push yourself beyond your natural comfortable limits.

    Rheumatoid arthritis – this requires a little more sensitivity, especially with movements involving the neck. Please never perform a shoulder stand or anything that puts pressure through the neck and head.

    High blood pressure

    Yoga can help high blood pressure. In general we suggest that you do not hold your arms above the head for any length of time. Also we suggest that you do not hold your breath for any of the poses. Please be cautious with inversions.

    Heart problems

    Please consult your GP before starting yoga.


    Inversions should be avoided, such as the dog, shoulder stand, standing forward bend.


    Once again, yes, yoga can help. But like heart conditions, we recommend that you move according to your comfortable capacity. Raised arm poses should not be held for any length of time and inversions also not held. Breathing should maintain an easy flow and not be held.

    Back pain

    Generally Dru is excellent for improving back pain. However, if you have a disc injury, arthritis or any serious back condition, we recommend you to take advice of a Dru Yoga instructor before starting. We advise you to get a diagnosis from an Osteopath and ask their advice on what specific movements to avoid. We can help you with this: Visit for further information.

    I am pregnant. Can I join in?

    Pregnancy is a sensitive time for your body. All manner of changes are taking place with muscles and hormones. We strongly recommend that you only use the classes specifically designed for pregnancy, and that you seek the advide of a yoga teacher and get specific yoga for your needs and body type.

    Can my child join in the class?

    Your children will be difficult to keep out of the class! Yes, let them join in and enjoy the class together. It will be fun. They may even find it easier than you!!

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    Video frequently asked questions

    My video won't play

    Don't panic! Breathe. Relax. Everything is going to be ok. We just need to find out WHY they won't play. You may need to be a little patient.

    Try the suggestions below, and if they don't work email us at or calling us on 01248 602900 ext.0.


    My video keeps stopping mid-play

    OK. The million dollar question...

    There are SO MANY things that can cause this to happen. The first thing you need to know is that our videos are delivered to you at a quality to suit your internet speed eg if you are viewing the classes on your phone, they will be delivered at a much lower quality (ie they will be fuzzy) in order to ensure they play without stopping. The slower your internet connection, the poorer the quality will be. We figured it was a good compromise, and that you would rather have a fuzzy class that plays through than a high definition class that stops every 15 seconds. 

    So why are your classes stop / starting?

    1. Our new video provider allows us to show you HD versions of the classes - so for classes that have an HD version, just click the little HD/SD icon at the bottom right of the player. Your video may not stream smoothly if you are trying to play an HD version when your internet connection is slow.

    2. It may be the time of day you are watching - there are certain times in the day when everyone in your area is online, using up all the bandwidth and this WILL slow down your connection. Sometimes enough to affect play. Even the BBCiPlayer is affected by this - it's not just us!

    You can check your speed here:

    Ideally you would benefit from having a speed at about 3000. Check it at different times in the day to see when your speed is fastest.

    Many people are paying for fast internet connection, but discover that they are not actually receiving it from their supplier. A quick call to your internet provider can also help things enormously.

    We haven't found any other reason for videos to stop / start.

    I can’t get my video to play full screen

    Yes you can! Click the little button on the bottom right hand side of the little player and it will enlarge to full screen. 

    How do I stream my video on the T.V.?

    If your TV is relatively modern, you may be able to browse the web on it. If that’s the case, then you can log into the online studio on your tv and play classes on it to your heart’s content!

    • Use a cable
      There's a great little cable you can buy from Curry's, or Dixons or Argos - anywhere really - that connects your TV to your laptop and enables you to view what is playing on your laptop - on your TV! 
      Try here for more info:
    • Google ChromeCast
      If you have a laptop and a TV with USB port you can purchase a little device from google called ChromeCast (about £30 from PC World or similar). It plugs into your laptop's USB port and then creates a network which your TV can pick up. You need to log into Dru Yoga Online on your laptop, using Google Chrome as your browser. It will then stream what’s showing in Chrome on your laptop onto your TV. ChromeCast can also stream videos from your android phone and tablet.
      To learn more click on the following link -
    • Apple TV
      If you have an apple device, Apple TV offer a similar service to ChromeCast (approx £60). Apple TV connects directly to your monitor via an HDMI port. Your device broadcasts a signal that the Apple TV then picks up, displaying on your monitor (there are also apps that allow Apple TV to be used with other devices if required).
      To learn more click on the following link -

    I can’t download the video

    That's because you're not supposed to. The videos are streaming on the website, they are not available for download (yet.....!!)

    I can't hear my video

    If you can't hear your video; first ensure that your volume is turned up on your computer/ TV. Secondly, the video has a volume control on the player itself which is a series of orange bars. Click on the volume level if you'd like to increase/decrease the volume.

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    Login and My Account questions

    Where's My Account?

    1. Log in

    2. At the top right of the screen, you'll see a button with your username on it. Click this to go to your account.

    I have forgotten my login id / password or I have been asked to re-set my password

    You can log in with either your username or the email address you used to sign up. Your username is whatever you chose when you signed up. And remember that you may have created your username with us when signing up for something else, like the Dru Yoga teacher's DPN, the online meditation course etc.

    If you have forgotten or need to re-set your password click here or click on the link on the log-in page that says "Forgotten your password?" You will be guided step by step through the process of recovering it.

    STEP 1
    Go to the password re-set page. Enter your username or email address. Enter the 'capcha' letters for security. Click the button to 'email new password'. Please wait for this page to completely re-load - it may take up to a minute!

    re-set password step 1

    STEP 2
    This message should appear. Go to your email in box. If an email does not appear there within 5 minutes, please also check your spam box.

    re-set password step 2

    STEP 3
    Open the email and click on the link. This allows you to log in once - and re-set your password. The link is only valid for 1 day. You will now be able to use Dru Yoga Online as before by logging in with your username and new password.

    re-set password step 3


    STEP 4
    The link in the email will take you to this log in screen. Click on the 'log in' button and then add a new password.

    re-set password step 4

    If you have any problems with this password re-set process please contact us.

    I would like to change my password


    1. Log in.

    2. At the top right of the screen, you'll see a button with your username... Click this to go to your account.

    3. Click the tab that says Edit, and then you should see a place to change your password, just underneath your email address. If you don't see this, then look just under the 'Edit' tab. Is the button that says 'Password & user details' highlighted? If not, click it. 

    I can't log in

    1. The commonest reason for not being able to login is that you are using the wrong username or email address. Make sure you are using the correct username or email address that you used to set up your account. You can check which one it is by looking at the email receipts you receive from us with each monthly payment. Whatever address we are using to email you is your login email.

    2. You can request a new password by clicking the link by the password area on most login forms. It will say 'request new password' or something similar. Very useful! Then you will be emailed a link to click. This lets you login once, so you can reset your password. Look carefully for that email:  IT OFTEN GOES INTO YOUR SPAM BOX. Please check it if you haven't received it within a couple of


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    Membership frequently asked questions

    I would like to unsubscribe/cancel

    1. Log in

    2. Go to "My Account" by clicking your username button at the top right of the screen.

    3. Click the "Memberships" tab. This will take you through to a page that shows your memberships and recurring payments, along with links to renew or cancel. 

    4. If you've paid by PayPal, things are a touch more complicated since PayPal requires you to unsubscribe inside your PayPal account. We've written a whole guide to make this as easy as possible for you. Please go here.

    I would like to renew my membership

    If your membership has lapsed, go to your account, click Memberships and look for your membership or recurring payment. It will have a renew link next to it... 

    If you have any questions, just email Super Claire on!

    I would like to cancel my membership, and I paid using PayPal

    Well, this is always a difficult one, because PayPal requires you to cancel your payments INSIDE your PayPal account. It's not easy to see where to do this - we even had trouble figuring it out while we were making this help section for you!

    Anyway, we've written a guide for you to make it as easy as possible. Click here.

    My membership has finished, but you are still taking the subscription fee out of my account. Why is this?

    1. You may have set up 2 subscriptions. Go to your My Account with us and click the Subscriptions tab. Does it show two subscriptions? And does it show a PayPal as well as a normal recurring payment subscription?

    2. We are not TAKING any money from your account. You are SENDING it to us. You are in complete control of your subscription through your paypal account.

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    Payment frequently asked questions

    I want to update my credit card details so my membership stays current

    Ensure you are logged in. Go to My Account (click your username at the top right of your screen) and click the Memberships tab. In the table at the top called 'My recurring payments' look for your membership and click the 'Update card' link. This takes you to a page where you can update your credit card details.

    I can't remember whether I paid by credit card or by PayPal

    Why is this important? Well, if you paid by PayPal, then it's a bit more complicated to update or cancel your automated payments,
    because PayPal requires that you do this within your PayPal account. To find out how you paid, go to My Account and click the Subscriptions tab. Look for your subscription in a table of PayPal memberships. 

    What's PayPal and what is

    PayPal is one of the most popular payment processing methods on the web. If you joined the online studio before April-May 2014, you will have paid for your membership using PayPal. 

    Since that time, we have been using to process credit card payments from new memberships, because they make it much easier for you to manage your account. Like PayPal, they are one of the largest payment processors on the web, secure and trustworthy. 

    What's a payment 'in process'?

    Sometimes it takes a day or two for the credit card companies to finalise the settlement of a payment, and during this time your payment will appear as 'in process'. During this time it can't be changed or cancelled. But don't worry! If you do want to cancel or change such a payment, it can be refunded up to 45 days after payment has been received.  

    How do I cancel my membership?

    1. Log in

    2. Go to your Account, by clicking your username button on the top right of the screen

    3. Click the Memberships tab

    4. Find your subscription in the list of recurring payments and click 'cancel'. You will be taken to a page describing how to cancel. If you don't find your membership in this table, check also the list of PayPal subscriptions. If you paid by PayPal, your subscription needs to be cancelled from inside Paypal. It's not exactly easy, we think, so we've made some special instructions for you. Click here.

    Please note that there are two aspects to cancelling a membership:

    1. Cancelling your recurring payment - see above. This is done within our payment processor, and will leave your membership active until your current membership payment period expires. So you'll still have access to your material until your next payment date.

    2. Cancelling your membership - which will cancel your access to the membership content. You don't need to do anything about this; it will happen automatically if you cancel your recurring payment.

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    Other frequently asked questions

    How do I refer a friend?

    Most pages have a link to 'refer a friend' in the column on the right of the screen. Click the link and you'll have the opportunity to write a message to your friend and send them an email. Your friend will be able to try out the free trial of the website with your compliments!

    How do I clear my browser history?

    Your 'browser' is the programme you use to browse the internet - Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc.

    Sometimes these programmes can get so full of all the experiences they've had while you've been surfing the web that they get confused and need a good clean new start. You'll know it's time to do this if strange and unpredictable things start happening when you are trying to view web pages. Perhaps you can't login, inexplicably. Or can't download a file. Or get stuck on a warning about cookies... or a myriad of other things. At this time it's worth:

    • Clearing your browser history, or then
    • Turning off your browser programme and restarting it, or then
    • Turning off your computer and restarting it.

    To clear your browser history, we have found this article helpful:

    Let us know if you have any problems or difficulties - contact us >

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