What a great day!

I hope your all having a fantastic start to your New Year goals and managing to fit everything in! 

Why not continue your healthy New Year with this Hrit chakra with Annie - a perfect opportunity to access your sacred heart, Enjoy!


Have you been keeping in touch on Facebook with our 24 days of Peace? It's nearing the end of our time focussed on the Gayatri mantra, but we'd love to share this short video with you by Anouschka Dack. This has been created by Anouschka for the Studio to help you learn the Gayatri mantra.



One of our gifts for you this season is THREE amazing songs written and performed by Radhika Patel with her son, Arjuna accompanying her. These have been created for YOU - members of the Dru Yoga Online Studio. Enjoy!


Angel Eyes

Radhika Patel


Gift of Kindness

Radhika Patel


Lullaby to baby Jesus

Radhika Patel

Angel eyes   Gift of Kindness   Lullaby to Jesus
How often do we catch the glimpse of someone looking our way, as we walk along a busy road?

This Christmas I have created a song that catches this moment. However, in Angel Eyes, the big question is: this Christmas, are you looking into the eyes of a real Angel, look carefully, you might even catch a glimpse of 'the man' Himself!

This Christmas, let's dare to believe that within each of us there there exists a little 'slice of heaven', expressed as a deep desire to love others unconditionally. When we decide to simply share a smile with a passer-by, we too have the power to light up someone else's day and make a difference!

This song took only a few minutes to write! Why? Because I wrote it for a stranger, whose simple act of kindness touched my heart.

You probably all 'know' this person, he or she is the stranger - whose simple gesture of kindness, a smile or a helping hand, reminds you that there are A LOT of really wonderful people in the world (not just the 'baddies' we see on the news)!

And so, for the lovely old gentleman who bought me a cup of tea on my recent train journey (having watched me scramble around in my purse) - THANK YOU!

I will probably never meet him again, I don't even know his name. This song is to remind us to celebrate Christmas in the spirit of giving, however small and seemingly insignificant.

  This song is a reminder to all of us of the preciousness of a child's pure love.

I now have a beautiful grandson, and when I look into his bright and hope-filled eyes, I am reminded of an abiding joy and a pure untroubled quality of love. It is a love that, this Christmas, we must nurture within ourselves.

This song is also a gift of gratitude to a very special child who was born 2000 years ago, and grew up to share his love with the world.



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Nut Roast


Enjoying a Veggie Christmas!


To continue the festive season we have a fabulous (gluten free) new recipe for Nut Roast.... yum!

Check out the incredible "Keith on food" blog for delicious, yummy, ayurvedic and veggie options. and CLICK HERE for the nut roast recipe



'24 days of peace' on Facebook


Have you seen the new Gayatri meditation? Why not take a look and then join us for '24 days of peace' on our Facebook page. We'll be posting great ways to work with this mantra throughout the festive season.




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