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How are you getting on with your new and exciting site? Check out the 'navitage the site' if you haven't already and the 'my favourites' are the perfect way to build up a regular set of classes that really work for you.

This week we're sharing a movement based on the Ajna Centre


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Upcoming classes

    Seat of Compassion
    Andrew Wells, 10 mins

    Join Andrew as he takes you through the Seat of Compassion

    Bhima posture
    Ruth Boaler, 8 mins

    Join Ruth as she takes you though the Bhima posture

    The Earth sequence
    Nanna Coppens, 10 mins

    Join Nanna as she takes you through the Earth sequence.

    Garuda posture
    Christiane Saar, 10 mins

    Join Christiane as she takes you though the Garuda posture