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Yoga and nature

Yoga and nature theme

Feeling disconnected from the elements? Do you spend too long indoors?

Then join us for these unique Dru Yoga classes which will help to balance the natural elements within your body so you feel grounded and energised. Connect to your inner Fire, salute the moon or attune with the grounded calm of the earth. Create balance and calm through bringing the power of nature into your yoga practice!

Yoga and nature

The Power of Mudra
Annie Jones   30 mins
Mudras are one of the ways that you can harness the forceful source of ‘shakti’ (empowerment) and make it your own. Imagine having so much energy that you can do... Read more...
The Water Sequence
Kate Carter   65 mins
Welcome to this energising sequence with Dru Yoga Teacher, Kate Carter. Today's sequence is called the Water Sequence. This class is designed to activate and... Read more...
Waterfall class with Monica Staniforth
Monica Staniforth   58 mins
Filmed on location near Llanberis in North Wales - this cooling and soothing class will make you feel as right as rain! This class a 60 min session to help... Read more...