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Achieving sustainable change - Radha Patel

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Achieving Sustainable Change

11 mins

In this short video, Radha Patel gives us practical tools on how we can approach our goals in a more compassionate way.

Goals are not about perfection tomorrow, but more about a gradual and continuous improvement in our health and wellbeing. By taking small steps we designed today, we can make tomorrow better than today. We can learn to experiment, re-evaluate and redefine ourselves, and therefore delight in this process of working with goals as we discover what works best for ourselves.

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Members' comments:

3 Aug, 2021
61Cassie's picture
Super, super!! Thank you, wonderful reminder for me the goal is to be healthy and balanced, and making best choices for me.
18 Jul, 2021's picture
17 Aug, 2020
RadhaPatel's picture
Thank you all so much!
6 Jul, 2020
Radhika's picture
Radha you are amazing - thank you for your words, such wisdom out of the mouth of such a young beautiful soul
5 Jul, 2020
raphkevdweide's picture
Great motivating words about change .... and yesss indeed it is all about continuous improvement and making change successful by setting the direction and taking small steps towards your goal .... and enjoying the process of getting there!!! :-)
9 Jun, 2020
Srivalli's picture
Thank you Radha, for your uplifting talk. It was just what I needed!
4 Jun, 2020
monMONN's picture
Thank you Radha, wonderfully reassuring and inspiring.


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