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advanced sun sequence

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Advanced Sun Sequence

71 mins

This session is designed as a complete body workout. The Sun Sequence is renowned as the panacea for all aliments and is the ‘King of Yoga Sequences’. It has been practiced for thousands of years and is as beneficial today as it was then. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or a regular practitioner of yoga, this session will take you deeper into your stretch, and deeper into your centre. Prepare to be challenged and break the boundaries of your physical body in order to crack open the abundance of sunshine that lies inside!

Sun Sequence
The Sun Sequence gradually and slowly deepens the stretch in the body with ease. As you hold each posture, you will feel any tension and tiredness in the body letting go, old emotions letting go, old unwanted patterns releasing.

>   Beginning with activations and then onto Energy Block Release 1, Starting from the mountain pose (tadasana), the spine is freed up and the cerebral-spinal fluid begins to moves easily.

>   The warrior stretches and tones the legs, opens and expands the chest and frees tension in the spine. You will feel yourself breaking through resistance, letting go of lethargy, fear and anger.

>   The dog posture (adho-mukha svanasana) awakens the inner energy flow along the length of your spine. This posture helps to move stuck energy from the calves and thighs and helps you to prepare you to move forward in life.

>   The pinnacle of the sequence is the cobra posture (bhujangasana). Each one raising you higher, strengthening the back, opening the chest, emotionally helping you to rise to the best in you.

>   The second set of warrior stretches now build inner strength, determination, courage, fearlessness.

>   As you rise and return to mountain pose segmentally un-rolling spine, you find your inner fire is awake, your whole being vibrant, moving yet still. Energy moves in the muscles, the nervous system, the circulation, the breath, the spinal fluid. On the more subtle levels, the nadis are freed. The inner fire has been ignited! Enjoy and let this take you on into your day full of energy, joy and celebration.

Complete this class with a line twist and spinal twist to loosen the lower back. Then onto a well deserved relaxation that allows this vibrancy to settle in a new place within, creating a new, even more radiant you!

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Members' comments:

21 Apr, 2022
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
I loved the repetitions. My body stretched kindly, and my mind calmed. Wonderful relaxation. It was also lovely to have different teachers voices describing the movements. Thank you. x
23 Dec, 2020
KateJones's picture
Brilliant class. I was lacking Christmas cheer today and this is just what I needed to bring some energy and light. Thank you x
23 Dec, 2020
Maryon60's picture
Delightful, even on a really hot Australian summer day! Dreaming of Welsh mountains but grateful to be here. Thank you .
8 Mar, 2020
mac9874y's picture
Thoroughly enjoyed this class, a nice injection of energy. I only wish I was in the Welsh mountains with you all.
6 Nov, 2019
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi Cat :-) Glad you liked it! It's a fabulous way to build up strength by focusing on a small part of the sequence at a time. Maybe you can just give your students one of two repetitions rather than all! ;-) Thanks again and enjoy x
6 Nov, 2019
cat's picture
I absolutely love this class esp the sun sequence - so powerful and strong - I won't teach it to my students yet as its a little too strong for them but I'll use it regularly in my own practice - thank you Rhada Annie and Anoushcka x x x
20 Jun, 2017
RadhaPatel's picture
Thanks so much everyone! The beautiful voice is Annie Jones herself!
29 Oct, 2016
poppyleary's picture
I am sure i recognise the voice on this video. Its not Radha...can you tell me who narrates the class? just great!!
7 Jan, 2016
Jo's picture
Lovely class thank you, just what I needed xx
20 Sep, 2015's picture
Love doing the classes that are set in the outdoors: good and strong thanks
10 Dec, 2014
Kayostell's picture
Excellent practice, strong on the legs, I could feel the mountain air and experienced a deep relaxation afterwards. Lovely
1 Dec, 2014
carole's picture
Really enjoyed this class. My body feels totally free flowing and energised. I now have a sense of calm and well being. Thank you x


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