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Agni Namaskara

30 mins

Welcome to this session exploring an Ayurvedic understanding of how to keep your digestion healthy with Annie Jones. Today you will have the opportunity to discover more about Agni, or your digestive fire.

Some of the symptoms of an out of balance digestive tract due to low levels of digestive fire (Agni) are listed below. In Ayurveda low digestive fire expresses itself according to your 'dosha'. For more info about the doshas, see Nanna's Introduction to the Doshas.

  • vata (air) constitution - anxiety, tendency to stress, sore joints, delicate digestive system
  • pita (fire) constitution - inflammatory conditions, for example; IBS, skin rashes or ulcers
  • kapha (earth and water) - tendency towards obesity, sluggishness or lethargy.

In this class Annie shares with you a fantastic Dru Yoga sequence to boost the main energy for digestion called the Jathara Agni.

The main postures included in this sequence are:

  • Maltese Cross (abdominal twist)
  • Vipariti Karani (supported shoulder stand)
  • Setubhandasana (the Bridge)
  • Bhujangasana (the Cobra)
  • Pindasana (the Child)
  • Majariasana (the Cat)
  • Adho-muka-svanasana (the Dog)
  • Runner
  • Kabalabhati breath

Complete this class with a short relaxation in Makarasana (Crocodile pose). Focus on softness, strength and nourishment from the earth. Imagine a warm sun supporting you in activating your Agni. 

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Members' comments:

30 Nov, 2021
JosephineP's picture
Thank you so much
1 Dec, 2020
LassIntVan's picture
This is really making a difference........feeling more powerful and content from deep within. A wonderful feeling. ☺️☺️☺️
11 Oct, 2018
NikkiM's picture
NikkiM beautifully stretched and ignited! Thank you Annie x
9 Jun, 2018
kenthill's picture
After 5 months practice, I have just implemented the advice of my existing Dru Yoga Instructor to try this online forum. I'll shortly post further experiences, as I try them out.........
29 May, 2018
Jo's picture
I love this class, to lengthen it would you recommend repeating the sequence and if so how many times? Much love, Jo
11 May, 2018
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi there Julia - a very good question :-) The bridge is a wonderful way to open the abdomen and activate the digestive fire, so it is useful to include it within the sequence. So, then you would do the bridge, come down and then find your way to get into the supported shoulder stand.
11 May, 2018
Julia Law's picture
Julia Law
Thank you Annie you are such a wonderful inspiration as l embark on my path as a Dru student teacher. I find it difficult to go into supported shoulder stand from bridge. Should l go into bridge, come down and then into shoulder stand (via the first way you demonstrated) or just go straight up into supported shoulder stand missing out bridge? Thank you again
11 May, 2018
MarinaPR's picture
Thank You for this beautiful sequence it cleansed and liberated to the roots!!! Waves of love
6 May, 2018
SueC's picture
That was fabulous - just what I needed. Thank you Annie
2 May, 2018
Jo's picture
Amazing dear Annie, thank you. Much love xx


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