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Align to the Four Directions

58 mins

Join Christiane in this class filmed live at the Dru Centre in Snowdonia.

Christiane will take you through the Salutations to the Four Directions; a sequence that will re-align your body, strengthening the legs and core. As well as allowing you to release anything you don't need anymore. This beautiful sequence aligns you to heaven and earth and then straight back into your heart power.

This is a powerful sequence to totally balance and attune with the five main elements in your body, earth, water, fire, air and ether.

This class includes:

  • Activations (you may want a chair to help with some balancing activations)
  • Solar Kriya to balance Prana (upward flow) and Apana (downward flow)
  • Salutation to the Four Directions
  • Relaxation

It is recommended that you start the sequence facing north, then turn to the east, south and then west.

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Members' comments:

19 Sep, 2022
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you, Christiane again. I am very drawn to this practice at this sad time. It is grounding and allowing me to look beyond today to all corners of the earth. Om shanti xx
15 Sep, 2022
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you Christiane. This felt just perfect to practice at this sad time. Looking to all the corners of the earth and finding strength from the earth to move forward. I will share this next week with my class. Om shanti. xx
2 Feb, 2022
lmererid's picture
Absolutely love this class. Thank you Christiane. Om Shanti xx
22 Sep, 2021
Julia Law's picture
Julia Law
Thank you Chrisiane. You are always so natural and inspiring . I had already planned to teach Salutations to the 4 Directions tomorrow and now l have the perfect activations and body preps! Namaste xx
20 Aug, 2021
Gmyteaching18L's picture
Thank you Christiane, that was the most awesome session and your relaxation was divine. Om shanti
7 Jul, 2021
Hemma707's picture
Wow what an amazing class! Deep work, deep integration and connection through the elements. My cells are all alive and I feel recovered from 14 1/2 hours sitting at a desk yesterday. Thankyou so much Christiane.
30 May, 2021
Maryon60's picture
Just wonderful, thank you Christiane.
20 May, 2021
eva's picture
I love this sequence especially how it was done in this video, but I would like to watch it again. Where has it gone?
15 May, 2021
KathyField's picture
What a wonderfully opening and cleansing class! I really loved the Solar Kriya and the Mudra sequences that were added to the Salutation to 4 Directions! Thank you Chritiane and safe travels


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