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Ananda-antara Dru Dance

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Ananda-antara Dru Dance Phrase 1 (long version)

56 mins

Dru Dance Trainer, Christiane Saar guides you through the first part of Ananda-antara. Created especially for Dru Yoga Online it combines elements such as heaven & earth stretch, rotated triangle and the runner.

Simple but powerful, phrase one of the Ananda-antara dance is offered to you in two parts. Designed to balance your energy system and create a sense of expansion - opening the heart and mind.

Filmed on location in Snowdonia National Park, enjoy sunshine, warmth and stunning scenery to complement your yoga practice.

Why Dru Dance is unique

Dru Dance is a unique feature of Dru yoga. Its aim is to create transformation on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  This is done with a combination of soft and strong movements (asanas) along with mudras (hand gestsures) and self affirming affirmations set to inspirational music. 

In these sequences we use 'flow-ins' as Activations and 'Cool downs' after each dance sequence. 

Complete the class with a deep relaxation to nurture and recharge your whole system.

Dru Dance

Ananda-antara Dru Dance (Phrase 1 demo) 
Watch this great demonstration of phrase 1 of the Ananda-antara Dance.

Ananda-antara Dru Dance 2

Ananda-antara Dru Dance
In this Dru Dance class Christiane develops the Ananda-antara Dru Dance to include phrase 2 of the dance. Beauty, grace and flow combine in this strong sequence of yoga and dance. Re-discover phrase 1 and then develop into the complete Ananda-antara Dance. Ananda translates from the sanskrit as "bliss" and Antara means "within you". Therefore the essence of this Dru Dance is "finding bliss within".

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Members' comments:

12 Jun, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Once again uplifting on a wet day. I love the flow and energy. Thank you. x
2 Dec, 2022
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
So uplifting. On a damp December day this is energising. A good concentration exercise too. Thank you. x
28 Jan, 2021
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
This class is amazing. The setting is inspiring. Christiane describes each movement slowly and precisely. It was fairly physical, but also gave my brain a work out learning new flowing movements! I will be doing this again and phase 2. Thank you very much Christiane. x
30 Oct, 2017
JuliaS's picture
I so so enjoyed this class thanking from thr heavens and the earth.
9 Jan, 2016
SueCleaver's picture
Hi Christianne, lovely to connect to you through this Dru Dance, looking forward to practicing phase 2. Lovely class, thanks :-)
13 Oct, 2015
Ontmoettilly@gmail.com's picture
Beautiful dance and marvellous and clear steps to build it up, a treasure. Thanks.
11 Oct, 2015
amazing yogini's picture
amazing yogini
beautifl sequence did the dance sunday morning facing the sun. thank you so much
10 Oct, 2015
kathrineparker1@me.com's picture
Lovely dance, thank you! Just been listening to Green Sun's music this week with my meditation practice and enjoyed it with the dance too! Kath x
7 Oct, 2015
Yoga Sally's picture
Yoga Sally
I absolutely LOVE these moves - I cann't wait to teach this in my classes - thank you Dru!
6 Oct, 2015
joannealderman@sky.com's picture
Beautiful. Lovely Dru Dance. Your instructions are so clear Christianne. Thank you. Looking forward to the next Dru Dance instalment! What is the lovely music for the Cool Down?
6 Oct, 2015
campbellinglis@icloud.com's picture
5 Oct, 2015
Lorraine Jimenez's picture
Lorraine Jimenez
This lovely, thanks Christiane!


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