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Ardha Chandrasana

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Ardha Chandrasana

16 mins

In this short class we enjoy two strong poses to strengthen and tone every single muscle in your body! Especially focused on toning the gluteal muscles and core whilst also stretching the hamstrings these postures take you gently beyond your comfort zone as you venture into a balance with an inversion.

First up is Ardha Chandrasana - the half moon pose. Arhda = half, Chandra = moon, Asana = posture. This pose is a balance with a difference. Essentially it is bakasana (crane) pose with one arm lifted up towards the sky (to open the body). Sometimes surprisingly hard to balance this pose, it will challenge you and yet give a great sense of satisfaction too!

The second pose is Paravritta Ardha Chandrasana, which means rotated half moon pose. So it’s the same pose as above but with a twist (so you’re looking behind you). This completely demands all your focus and awareness! Enjoy!

You may find you need to do some activations or some of your regular practice to prepare you for these postures.

Benefits include

  • expansion of chest area
  • increase of mobility in the hips
  • creates a stretch in groin area, hamstrings and chest
  • demands focus, coordination and balance
  • strengthens core, ankles, thighs, gluteal muscles and spinal muscles
  • expansion of the energetic layers
  • reduces physical, mental and emotional fatigue
  • reduces stress levels - as you focus on breath, alignment in the present moment

Preparatory movements:

  • Hamstring stretch (if you don’t feel a stretch you may need to do adjust to a different form of hamstring stretch according to your body)
  • Core stability strengthening (from standing cat)

Special thanks to our wonderful demonstrator Roos Kocken and class attendees Simon, Alison and Kate. Also a thank you to Epic Sana Algarve for the use of their fabulous grounds :-)

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Members' comments:

29 Aug, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you Chandra - very helpful. x
27 Jun, 2020's picture
thanks Chandra a lovely class highlighting lots of interesting points. X
6 Nov, 2019
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Thank you so much for that postural adjustment :-) It really is a fabulous pose - designed to help us tone, control and adjust our patterns of thinking. A great one to do regularly :-)
31 Oct, 2019
mac9874y's picture
When performing this pose, I find it useful to rotate the top foot to lead the rotation of the hip. This way I feel much more open when opening or closed when closing.
18 Jul, 2019
Andrew Wells's picture
Andrew Wells
Ardha Chandrasana has always been one of my favourite poses for 'really shifting the deep stuff'. Brilliant class, Chandra! Thanks so much.


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