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Back Pain interview

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Back Pain Interview

6 mins

Welcome to this short discussion with the Dru Back Care Pannel.

In this video Dru's health experts, Coby Langford (Osteopath), Dr Janey Fitzgerald (G.P.), Frani Wylde (Physiotherapist) and Dr. Ned Hartfiel (yoga researcher) discuss some of the important things to be aware of when people are experiencing back pain.

Number one is that for the vast majority of people experiencing back pain (90%) should MOVE! It's unlikely to be the thing you want to do if you're in pain - but it actually one of the best things to a) help keep your back pain from getting worse and b) get you better quicker.

Also remember to get to a physiotherapist or massage therapist quickly... Chronic is said to be 12 weeks or more of pain. Don't let it get that far. If it's not getting better by itself - its time to seek out help.

Preventative movements such as the Healthy Back Programme are essential to maintain the health of your back - and it does so much more... in the clinical trials people found it wasn't just the back pain the got better it was also their feeling of empowerment and reduction in stress too.


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Members' comments:

3 Oct, 2020
CherylM's picture
Thank you for this video. It was very informative and helpful.
20 Mar, 2019
Alison Fernando's picture
Alison Fernando
Thank you for this, team! It is simple to understand, very clear explanations of how different healthcare specialists work and it's great that you make the point that back care can be holistic in nature - encompassing the body, mind and emotions. It's very well filmed, too - lovely quality, lighting, venue - FABULOUS! Well done to ALL who were involved in making it happen. Thank you also for making this kind of video - it's the kind of thing that students/friends/family can easily be referred to.


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