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Balancing the chakras, Sahasrara, with Annie Jones

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Balancing the chakras - Sahasrara (the crown)

5 mins

Enjoy exploring the Sahasrara chakra through these two powerful postures. The first is a simple inversion to get you into the energy flow through the forward bend. Use the breath to draw the energy up the back of the legs to the sacrum, then down your spine to the crown of the head, bringing energy and prana to the crown chakra. 

We then do chakrasana - the wheel pose, which is a strong inversion and back bend - please only attempt this if you are 100% comfortable with inversions, have a good back, strong arms and abdominal muscles and you are totally happy to do the full bridge pose. Please, do not do this posture if you have problems with your neck, back, high or low blood pressure, glaucoma or detached retina or if you have/ had a hernia or had recent abdominal surgery. 

You can work up to this pose by exploring doing a supported version of this pose with blankets or a large gym ball and simply lying back with your arms outstretched overhead.

About the Sahasrara Chakra

So, we've now reached the glory of the Sahasrara chakra! The 7th in this series where we have been working gradually through the chakras. This can be a very rewarding process as the qualities associated with the chakras, culminating in Sahasrara, are truely powerful and profound. 

We've moved up from working with some of the more day to day issues like our physical body, our connection to each other and our energy levels and moved into something bigger and greater than ourselves. In this, the crown chakra, we come to explore our true destiny. That which we were born to do. For many of us that can sound a bit big and scary, but if it comes to it, you would be able to tell me what it is that most inspires you in your life, what moves you, motivates you. These are usually the first inklings towards your inspired destiny.

It's also important for you to look at your gifts, your innate qualities and those things that are easy for you to do and accomplish. Those values, qualities and gifts are often aligned to your true purpose. The 7th chakra is about seeing clearly. Just as you would climb to the top of the mountain to see the view, use the energy of this chakra to assist you in seeing your greater vision. 

One of the most profound experiences of aligning to this chakra, is that it gives us the feeling of total connection. Down at the base, the foundation centre of Mooladhara, we feel connected to the earth - her strength, stability, compassion and courage and we invite those qualities into our selves and our lives. Now, at the crown, we still feel the strength and connection to the earth AND we also endeavour to make the connection to something greater than ourselves and explore how we, as individuals, fit into the greater plan of the universe.  

For example, do you think it's coincidence that you're reading this article? Or, can you conceive that today you were meant to find, read and discover more about the Sahasrara chakra? And, therefore, can you also imagine that through reading my words you are, in this moment, somehow connecting with me, my energy and life force? 

It is through this, the 7th chakra we make our connection to each other and to the universe (creator, god, higher self) and we therefore become aligned with our higher purpose. That is where we feel most strong, empowered and in tune with our purpose and destiny. 

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Members' comments:

20 Mar, 2017
Barbara Ruthotto's picture
Barbara Ruthotto
I feel a very strong connection!! Thank you for sharing


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