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Balancing the Chakras - svadhisthana (base centre)

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Balancing the Chakras - Swadhisthana (Sacral Centre)

7 mins

Super moons and the Sacral Centre

It's time to super-charge your life! With the dark winter skies drawing in and our evenings getting colder (well, for the Northern hemisphere anyway!), now is a good time to make sure we are looking after ourselves; mind, body and spirit. On the plus side, however, for those of you who may not enjoy these dramatic changes in weather, or thick socks and cagoules, there is some beautiful natural lunar activity to be looking out for…and with it comes a huge surge in energy that will benefit us all. The 'Super moons' are on their way! From October through to December, we will be fortunate enough to experience not one or two, but three Super moons, meaning that the moon will be orbiting closer to Earth - November the 14th actually features the closest full moon of the 21st century so far. It will not be this close again for another 28 years!

This is the time to super-charge your goals

Significalntly, the sacral chakra, swadhistana, is greatly influenced by lunar cycles. This is because it is based on the water centre. Super-charge your life by harnessing the power of the 'super moons'. Combine this awareness with this month's Sacral Centre programme, to free up the energy from the swadhistana. Bring the two together to focus and motivate you toward achieving your goals. This centre holds an abundance of power that, aids our creative and playful natures. Bring it into balance and it will definitely help you on your creative journey. The aim of this short session is to enable you to let go of emotional baggage so that you can move forward in life. Now is the time to unlock any fears that are holding you back so that you can achieve your full potential.

Recognise when the swadhistana is out of balance

If you find you are experiencing low energy, a lack of enthusiasm for life, or maybe you could do with becoming a little more playful, then you could well be experiencing an energy block within this centre. The swadhistana sequence I have created for our Dru members this month is designed to balance out the sacral centre.

The swadhistana loves Autumn!

The colour orange is yet another stimulant for swadhistana, so try to find the time to walk through a park or your favourite wood. When you do, observe and enjoy the changing colour of the leaves from green to that beautiful rusty orange. Allow the beauty of nature to stimulate your creative aspirations.

The swadhistana sequence includes the following:

The spinal wave, the flowing tree and the seated forward bend. These will work on releasing any physical tension within the sacral area. Try to focus on breathing into the lower back, to encourage a subtle transformation and 'free-flow' of energy.

The swadhistana sequence - part 2 of a 7 step programme

Once you have become familiar with this swadhistana programme, then why not add to it the sequence for the mooladhara we have already shared? Gradually we shall complete all seven of the chakras.

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Members' comments:

19 Jun, 2022
Anna-Marie's picture
Thank you Annie, I found this sequence very calming and relaxing. I too love water and am fortunate to live near the sea.
20 Dec, 2018
Susan Hardwick's picture
Susan Hardwick
Thank you so much Annie. This simple sequence has helped me beyond words to deal with a difficult emotional situation this week. I look forward to the rest of the chakra sequences :)
20 Dec, 2018
Susan Hardwick's picture
Susan Hardwick
Thank you so much Annie. This simple sequence has helped me beyond words this week to help deal with a difficult emotional situation. I look forward to the rest of the chakra equences.
12 Nov, 2018
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi Maythornuk, thanks for commenting. We designed this little series as a quick way access the power and energy of your chakras. You can use them on their own or as part of a series that you can do it one "sitting". Enjoy :-)
10 Nov, 2018
Maythornuk's picture
These chakra sequences are so great! Thank you.


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