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Balancing the Water Element

74 mins

Balance the water element of the body in this nourishing class with Annie Jones. Enjoy a thoroughly nurturing EBR 1, then discover the peace created in the ‘Rising Lotus’ sequence as you balance the cerebro-spinal fluids, with chakra and energy awareness.

Experience the Moon Sequence (Chandra Namaskara) with a powerful water visualisation. Then deeply let go in the new ‘water relaxation’, a soft, moving relaxation with chakra awareness. Slow down, become at ease with yourself, clear the mind and cleanse the body.

Yoga class contents


Activate your body and create free-flow within your spine with relaxing spinal twists, side-scoops, graceful figure-8 movements and sweeping calf-stretches.

Energy Block Release 1

Nurture your body top-to-toe with EBR1 and put a sparkle in your step.

Rising lotus

This sequence of movements incorporates prompts your spine to move segmentally, one vertebra at time. The result? A clear channel for smooth-flowing cerebro-spinal fluid, and a happy, healthy body.

Moon salutation

Feel the rejuvenating, cooling power of the moon salutation, a calming series of movements combined with breath, that help balance the swadhisthana chakra, or water centre. Harmony in this centre allows you to bring harmony into your relationships, and brings a greater sense of wellbeing with you and your world. This sequence is perfect for cooling feelings of irritation in your life.

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Members' comments:

1 Jun, 2023
SunFlowersfab's picture
Thanks Annie I went with the flow this am, choose the above sequence, just perfect. I am developing from my 7 day chakra challenge dipping in and out of the online Dru Studio seeking sequences that balance my various energy centres. I particularly loved this sequence as I have had two Spinal surgeries. I felt I was honouring my cerebro-spinal fluids, all my Spinal nerves who have repaired and over time rehabilated. Om Shanti Om.
16 May, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you Annie. A calming and relaxing experience. I loved the visualisation of the waterfall over my crown and down my spine in the moon sequence.
3 May, 2021
Clodagh's picture
That was an absolutely beautiful class Annie. Thank you so much.
26 Aug, 2020's picture
Beautiful teachings
29 Jun, 2020's picture
A treat for me and nu students thanks
19 Jun, 2020
KathyField's picture
Really enjoyed the nurturing quality that you created Annie - loved the Rising Lotus sequence and the water relaxation too....felt totally calm and at peace as I floated on the moonlit lake! Thank you
17 Jun, 2020's picture
Thank you Annie, perfect combination of movement and relaxation after a day sat a screen working virtually in these strange times,very coming class
10 Apr, 2020
Carla15's picture
Thank you Annie, this was so beautiful. Namaste x
5 Mar, 2020
Lozza123's picture
Thank you so much Annie. I really enjoyed this class. Calming,nourishing and restorative - lovely!
28 Jan, 2020
JuliaS's picture
Loved it Loved this class. Annie. Julia S
25 Sep, 2018
JuliaS's picture
Loving and cooling perfect for my students tonight.
11 Feb, 2018
Jo's picture
Thank you Annie, I love this class, the waterfall visualisation and feeling of floating are beautiful xx
7 Nov, 2017
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hey Liz - agreed! This class is amazing at full moon - also fab if you're ever feeling unsettled or off balance emotionally as it really helps to balance the swadistana chakra and therefore our emotions too
4 Nov, 2017
Liz Waddington's picture
Liz Waddington
Just WOW! Highly recommend for a full moon ever grateful x
23 Aug, 2017
Lynn Overington-Hickford's picture
Lynn Overington...
Wonderful class, thank you. I especially liked the water relaxation.
8 Nov, 2016
JosephineP's picture
Namaste, So lovely thank you.
1 Jun, 2016
Natascha86's picture
Lovely class - really enjoyed the rising lotus!
9 Feb, 2016
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi Olivia, thanks for bringing this to our attention. For all our new classes we have reduced the volume of the music at the end - we are gradually also going back over previous videos to re-edit. Thanks again, Anouschka.
9 Feb, 2016's picture
I love the online classes, but A general comment, the music at the end is so disturbing the moment... Loud, noisy, disturbing my peace ..and my practice. Maybe it is me, but I feel the need to give this feed back.
23 Jan, 2016
Lynda Statham's picture
Lynda Statham
Beautiful and so relaxing. First time for a moving relaxation and it was excellent, no chance to fall asleep as usual. x
1 Dec, 2015
SueCleaver's picture
This was beautiful. I loved the subtleties of this class and my body and mind are rejoicing in the softness within and around me. Thank you Annie!
14 Sep, 2015
kath's picture
this is a lovely class so relaxing.
9 Apr, 2015
valjmale67's picture
Wow! What an amazing collection of sequences. I feel so much more relaxed, yet full of energy and vitality too! Thank you xx
21 Feb, 2015
MelC's picture
Thank you Annie. Such a beautiful start to my day. I am at peace.
1 Jan, 2015
joyousjulie's picture
Hi Annie that was fabulous. I learn something new each time you teach. Love the rising lotus thank you x
27 Nov, 2014
lindah's picture
Lovely flowing class really enjoyed it. Thank u Annie x
21 May, 2014
RosemaryWeir's picture
Thanks very much Annie for an informative EBR 1. The language used is comprehensive and paced.
19 Jan, 2013
juliebeynon's picture
Just what I needed to soothe some emotional turmoil. I now feel back in balance and peaceful. Thank you Annie
3 Dec, 2012
dpb759's picture
It was brilliant!Thank you Annie, it was like having you in the room with me and doing it together bit by bit. Very relaxing and calming. plus the sense of humour! Thank you love and light. xxxx00000+
20 Nov, 2012
susiemoore32's picture
5 Nov, 2012
linda.faulkner's picture
I love the rising lotus as calming as this sequence is it creates a very deep contraction in my core muscles. Thanks for a brilliantly deceptive workout.
26 Oct, 2012
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
Feeling peaceful, rested and nurtured. Thanks, Annie.
16 Oct, 2012
yogisheena's picture
Wow ! fantastic as always, loved the rising lotus, the moving relaxation and the music Beautiful Annie - Om Shanti and Thank you
15 Oct, 2012
fb152152's picture
Enjoyed this relaxation very much
3 Oct, 2012
wchapman1226's picture
Very calming and beneficial stretching bringing a sense of peace and restoration! Thank you.
2 Oct, 2012
dinthout's picture
Thank you very much Annie for this wonderful lesson! A lesson to repeat more often! :-) Love Dorien
1 Oct, 2012
Pamela Creed's picture
Pamela Creed
very calming, love the music


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