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be the change meditation

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'Be the Change' Meditation

12 mins

Welcome to this meditation video called 'Be the change' - the result of our Selfies for Peace meditation project. 

Over Christmas 2014 we invited you as a Dru Yoga online member to send in a meditation or Christmas image of yourself - or selfie - as a way of contributing to peace. You have responded with an incredible bunch of images, and it's clear from the positivity oozing out of these pics that you are an amazing group of people!

We've stitched your** images together into a short meditation which we hope you'll really enjoy as a calming and inspiring break in the midst of a busy day... as well as a way to add to your relationships with people and the whole world around you.

The meditation invites you to turn the tables a little, and explore the world from another's point of view - and to discover the places in which their life is strong, loving, patient, kind and wise. By discovering the highest in the people around us we are more likely to experience these very qualities in our own life - and make a great contribution to our world along the way.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy this very uplifting meditation with Andrew Wells, as you take on your inner power to 'be the change' in your life!


** PS: We have done our very best to include everyone, but there were a few images with a resolution that was just too low to work on a video. So if you don't see yourself in this video, it's only for this reason - we are still totally grateful for your input!!! You can see all the pics we received here

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Members' comments:

29 Jul, 2021
Jan Hall's picture
Jan Hall
Many thanks Andrew ... this really helped to ground and inspire me with positivity as I became aware of myself beginning to sink :)
5 Dec, 2020
Angela's picture
Beautiful. Thankyou. x
5 Jun, 2016
ChrissyR's picture
Beautiful and peaceful. thank you
22 Jan, 2016
Dorothyfromyork's picture
Beautiful - thank you
21 Jun, 2015
Danny Verhelst's picture
Danny Verhelst
what a lovely meditation! may I also ask what music was on the background? this was also very supporting... greatings, Danny
28 May, 2015's picture
Beautiful meditation
14 May, 2015
Jean Nelson's picture
Jean Nelson
That's a lovely meditation Andrew - so peaceful, thank you.


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