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Blue Mist Meditation

38 mins

Welcome to this incredible technique!

The Blue Mist is a powerful visualisation technique which helps you to very conciously release unwanted emotional tension and stress. Leaving you feeling balanced, calm and and rejuvenated! It is a perfect practice to help you let go of old patterns and painful memories that may be holding you back from discovering the power and beauty of who you are.

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Members' comments:

18 Dec, 2019
CatherineEJ's picture
Beautiful, my body, mind and emotions soothed and relaxed. I feel fresh and calm.
26 Aug, 2019
JuliaS's picture
LOve how you create a safe and secure practice.
12 Nov, 2018
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
Hi everyone, thanks for your thoughts and comments on this session... It's pretty special isn't it? I love the visualisation and how much clearer and more focused I feel after this meditation. :-)
27 Oct, 2018
JuliaS's picture
Loved the visualisation in the meditation. beautiful xx
18 Oct, 2018
cat's picture
Thank you Jane - much needed after an emotional day - lots to melt away and it really does work x
12 Oct, 2018's picture
Nice class....timely refresher as I will be offering this meditation at a class in a few weeks time.....
3 Aug, 2018
geordieange's picture
Wonderful - thank you
27 Jan, 2018
sdashworth1970's picture
Just what I needed today, beautiful, healing, restorative class. Thank you Jane.
16 Dec, 2017's picture
Thank you Jane. I couldn't make the meditation course in London today so this meditation really helped me. xx
30 Nov, 2017
cat's picture
Thank you Jane it's really helping me practice for my meditation course at home x
25 May, 2017
Nicky's picture
Thank you for this lovely meditation. Feel so relaxed. Xxx
7 Mar, 2017
TASHABASHA14's picture
Thank you Jane for I feel so much lighter on so many levels from that powerful meditation
10 Sep, 2016
karenneal's picture
The first time I have done this meditation - definitely not the last! I really enjoyed this visualisation and felt very calm afterwards. Looking forwarding to the meditation course in November. X
30 Jun, 2016
DahnaM's picture
Wow! Feeling so much lighter now! Thank you! xx
2 Mar, 2016
JennyMo's picture
I really loved the blue mist meditation, such a gentle way to let go of disempowering emotions. I look forward to experiencing a longer version of the blue mist. Jenny
5 Nov, 2015
joyousjulie's picture
Lovely meditation and visualisation. I feel open, clear and calm. Thank you.x
4 Nov, 2015's picture
Such a beautiful, loving and supporting visualisation.
12 Oct, 2015
MelissaPollard's picture
Many thanks Jane, a really beautiful, balancing and energizing class.
21 Jul, 2015's picture
Lovely looking forward to starting meditation course later this year
15 May, 2015
Katy Jockelson's picture
Katy Jockelson
Lovely video, thanks
7 May, 2015
glossydolly's picture
Thank you
24 Feb, 2015
Balbir Mann's picture
Balbir Mann
Beautiful. Thank you Jane
24 Sep, 2014's picture
Wonderful healing meditation. Thank you, Jane.
9 Aug, 2014
Marian Dekker's picture
Marian Dekker
Thank you so much for this wonderful class. A really good way to start the weekend. Love, Marian
22 Jun, 2014
Relax's picture
I love this program thank you so much it is perfect love and gratitude Michelle x


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