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Breathing for Sleep - Andre Hartwich

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Breathing for sleep

6 mins

Our breath in one of the systems in our body that is both involuntary but also one we can control.

We can use this control over our breath to our advantage. Our in breath works on our sympathetic nervous system and the out breath impacts the parasympathetic nervous system. Our sleep is when we want our parasympathetic nervous system to become active. By paying attention to our breath, we can calm the mind and slow down. 

In this video, Andre shares some tips on how we can fall asleep or get back to sleep if we wake during the night.

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Members' comments:

17 Oct, 2023
Norma Duncan's picture
Norma Duncan
Thank you. A reminder to me to practice this myself. As well as teaching it. Namaste
1 May, 2021
raphkevdweide's picture
Thanks for sharing Andre! Will pass it over to my students as well!
22 Apr, 2021
Foxylady's picture
As I have always had problems sleeping I have practised alternate nostril breathing to help me relax and general yoga breathing. Now I will certainly try the extended exhalation and let you know how I get on after a few attempts.
17 Apr, 2021's picture
Thank you you important...the breath.....


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