Chair yoga - activations

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Chair yoga - activations

11 mins

Watch this short introduction to this seated yoga series and also meet Mo Brimley: our in-house expert on seated yoga.


In this class Mo prepares you for your chair yoga with the following advice:

    •    choose the right chair - make sure that your feel touch the ground and that it is a firm sturdy chair

    •    how to sit properly on your seat

    •    wear shoes if you are of a certain age as this will support your ankles.

Now join Maureen as she takes you through a few simple and fun activations (including 'marching' and 'the royal wave!')

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Members' comments:


20 Aug, 2018's picture
Love this Mo! Thank you so much for sharing your chair activations. I teach a gentle class and am going to try them out with my students this week. I am sure they will love them!

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