Chair yoga- energy block release

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Chair yoga - energy block release

16 mins

Watch this short introduction to this seated yoga series and also meet Mo Brimley: our in-house expert on seated yoga.


Join Mo in this short session as she invites you to sit and enjoy this easy to follow sequence of stretches. 

In this session Mo will take you through a fantastic series of side and forward stretches which are part of the Energy Block Release 1 Sequence. This combination of movements was devised by a team of Dru Yoga and health specialists over 35 years ago, who found that this combination of movements is brilliant for mobilising your whole body and spine.

With regular practice it can help reduce back pain, reduce stress and increase your flexibility. This sequence is usually done standing, however, in this session you can gain all the benefits - whilst remaining seated. Enjoy!


To learn more about what an Energy Block Release is go to "What is an Energy Block Release" video with Annie Jones.



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