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Chair yoga - improve posture

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Chair yoga - improving posture

15 mins

Join Mo as she takes you through this class of chair yoga to improve your posture.


These simple seated movements will greatly help to mobilise your upper back and shoulder girdle.

This sequence includes:

  • Twisted cat stage 1
  • Twisted cat stage 2
  • Front of shoulder stretch/ pectoralis
  • Triceps stretch
  • Sitting spinal twist




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Members' comments:

10 Oct, 2018
Heather Whitlam's picture
Heather Whitlam
practised this sequence and really felt the benefits. Teaching chair yoga tomorrow and will include it. Great. Mo can we please have more chair yoga.
26 Sep, 2018
CelticDave's picture
A great sequence thanks. Having spent too many years in the office environment I can see how this would be a great sequence to benefit desk based workers and computer users. It could be featured at corporate health events


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