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Chakra Meditation

10 mins

Senior Dru Meditation course tutor, Jane Clapham, offers you a 10 minute break from your busy day. Join her for this mystical journey into the seven energy centres of the subtle, psychic body.

Chakra Meditation

  • Begin in the Ajna centre - between the eye brows: 'I ask for mental clarity and peace of mind.'
  • Move up to the highest centre, the sahasra or thousand petalled lotus: 'May my consciousness be limitless.'
  • Move down to the throat centre - the vishudhi chakra: 'May my communication be clear, compassionate and strong.'
  • Take your awareness down to the mooladhara at the base of the spine: 'May  I feel secure and connected.'
  • Now move up to the area just below the naval - swadhisthana: 'May I find balance and harmony in my relationship with - myself, others, the wider community.'
  • Take your awareness to the manipura - the solar plexus known as the 'jewelled city': 'I feel good about myself, I feel confident.'
  • Finally, finish in the heart - the anahata: 'I feel love and respect towards myself and others.'
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Members' comments:

28 May, 2023
SunFlowersfab's picture
Lovely just what I needed. Busy day full house, cooking etc., Older two and Dad playing Backgammon chatter ++I put my headphones on becasue I wanted to be outside and I didn't want to disturb them having fun. I could of moved but my mind was set on this space for my evening yoga routine. To get the most out of my practice I need to be a little more flexible, or stand my ground like I was here first but that wouldn't be very kind as they wanted the fresh air. Week 1 meditation was in my head the three acceptances. I could hear the sounds in your environment more due to headphones so I won't be using them again as pleasant as all that was. I need to just be in the moment of the here and now. Thanks soothing and it complimented my learning on the Chakra challenge
8 Dec, 2020
Siobhan Fanning's picture
Siobhan Fanning
Very soothing. Thank you.
10 Apr, 2020
Sandy's picture
Lovely - I did this meditation by the river at the bottom of our garden this morning. As I finished a beautiful turquoise light flashed passed me down the river. Magnificent kingfisher and my favourite bird. Significant?
21 Feb, 2019
Raisinloaf's picture
A lovely, simple chakra meditation – perfect for a quick rebalance! Thank you!
24 Sep, 2017
Tereza's picture
This is a great start and end to any day. Thank you very much
7 Sep, 2017
cat's picture
Dear Jane Thank you I just enjoyed this on the beach at sunrise in Kefalonia Just me and your voice and the beautiful waves Cat - see you same time tomorrow!
27 May, 2017's picture
Love this, thank you xx
17 Aug, 2016
MelC's picture
A really useful and beautiful meditation. Especially on a train on the way to work!
24 May, 2016
Liz Waddington's picture
Liz Waddington
Fab end to the day. Thank you x
20 May, 2016
Jean Nelson's picture
Jean Nelson
A lovely meditation Jane and so powerful. Thank you.
27 Apr, 2016
kathdru68's picture
Thank you for that relaxing early morning meditation.


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