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Chill Out

 -   & 
Radha Patel
50 mins

Take a chill pill with Energy Block Release 3 - focusing on the breath to really relax you. The adrenal glands control our response to stress... enjoy the new Adrenal Support sequence, designed especially to nourish and relax.

Relaxation, a must to keep the adrenals happy!! Yes, we are outside in the Welsh mountains! (hmm, I keep reminding you of that all the way through!!). It was sooo exciting to be in the sun and sharing this class with my niece Radha (don't let her know that I have let on that she is my niece!).

We concentrate on breath awareness with Energy Block Release 3 to help calm the nervous system. A wonderful sequence to create space in the adrenals (which sit on top of the kidneys at the base of the rib cage at the back). The Sphinx is also great for massaging the adrenals and deeply nourish them.

A nice long relaxation should leave you well and truly nurtured!


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Members' comments:

6 Sep, 2022
JuliaS's picture
Fabulous Class for teaching my class this morning....
31 Oct, 2021's picture
One of my favourite classes, thank you Annie for your joyful and fun teaching, can’t wait to be able to visit Snowdonia Mountain Lodge again for some Dru! Kath x
20 Sep, 2021
NikkiM's picture
I haven't followed this class for good..I feel very relaxed, but ready to carry on my day in a calm, but energized way. Thanks Annie & Radha
15 Feb, 2021's picture
Just looked down the comments and they go as far back as 2011! Lovely refreshing session, and I feel connected to many others who have followed it too. Thank you :)
1 May, 2020
Angela's picture
That was so good especially at this time. Feel great and thoroughly relaxed and calm. Can start the day now! Thanks to both of you. Angela x
14 Mar, 2019's picture
Only the explanation of this video is showing and not the actual video, so I can't watch...quite strange. I have not experienced this before. Robyn
8 Nov, 2016
u03pes's picture
Thank you for looking after my adrenals! Really enjoyed this class and now feel a little more chilled out!
9 Apr, 2015
Rosie Mead's picture
Rosie Mead
Suitably calmed and refreshed, thank you so much! A lovely class I will practise often.
14 Mar, 2015
Sybil's picture
Was feeling tired and full of aches so wanted and got movement and relaxation. Chill out indeed! Thanks.
6 Feb, 2015
Alison Fernando's picture
Alison Fernando
Thank you Annie and Radha, that was just what I needed! Lots of love to you both!
30 Jan, 2015
joyousjulie's picture
Ebr 3 my favourite and I loved the sequence. Chilled and relaxed.thank you Annie xx
16 Sep, 2014
sandraleigh108's picture
many thanks to all of you at Dru Worldwide for creating this visually stunning EBR3. so nice to see the valley in the background, too... much love, from Vancouver, Canada x
21 Aug, 2014
Liola's picture
Thank you! Namaste :-)
21 Feb, 2013
LindseyHawkes's picture
Enough stuff written about this class. Your presence is inspiring. You bring me joy :-D
30 Jan, 2013
jmts's picture
Just beautiful. Thank you so much. Having suffered with severe adrenal dysfunction for the last 3 years and today being a particularly challenging day for me, this session has had such a powerful impact already. I can feel it in my body. Many blessings to you all.
18 Dec, 2012
dvorakova.helena's picture
Very nice session and scenery. Thank you from cloudy Prague :)
29 Oct, 2011
Relax's picture
Wow i loved this chill out my back feels wonderful and feel ready to get on with my day thank you.
3 Aug, 2011
claarbos's picture
wonderful! and so beautiful in nature! thanks a lot, Claartje (the Netherlands)


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