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Core Power sequence

49 mins

Join Angie Baker as she gets your body moving with a focus on the element of FIRE.

This cheerful class is best practised outside as its power and strength is being in mother nature! However, it is still a great class to practise at home too! Here, our popular Australian Dru Yoga teacher encourages you to align with the fire of the Manipura chakra, the third energy centre that is situated around the navel, also called, "The City of a Thousand jewels".
Her class includes:

  • Warm ups: including cross patterning gentle twists and stretches. Also uses will Energy Block Release (EBR) 2 - Mountain posture, Breath of Arjuna, the Chair, the Anahata Breath, the twist (stage 2), Standing Cat with some lower body ham string and adductor stretches. This prepares you for the main sequence, called:
  • The Core Power sequence. It includes the "Akash mudra" in standing as well as lower level, Cat and Tiger.

The class is completed with a gentle relaxation whilst Angie sings the Gayatri mantra.

Useful aids: chair for balance

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Members' comments:

6 Nov, 2023
Rachel Hammond's picture
Rachel Hammond
Thank you Angie. Energised for the day ahead.
5 Nov, 2023's picture
Thank you, what a wonderful session of Dru. I feel the empowerment, and freedom to access the power within me.
3 Nov, 2023
Lynda Statham's picture
Lynda Statham
Thank you beautiful class.
2 Nov, 2023
BarbaraMG's picture
Lovely class!! Thank you
1 Nov, 2023
jane.benn's picture
Thank you Angela for the balanced empowerment of this class. Your language and the movements really give so much together, especially outside.
1 Nov, 2023
Hazel Hawke's picture
Hazel Hawke
Thank you Angie. Wow! This class gives so much. Movement,mudra and mantra. Familiar favourites and some new 'gems'. Great energy and empowerment all beautifully balanced by the lovely relaxation. I can't wait to teach it.