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Dare to dream

49 mins

Dare to dream with Jes Sharbow and Astoria Barr 

Ancient scriptures talk about a potent force, which exists in every human being. Those who tap into it, rise! Some of the greatest leaders have managed to achieve what seemed impossible. You can access this power too! If your dreams haven’t come true yet then discover how to renew your hope and dare to dream again. Explore with us three key powerful yoga movements, mudras and mantras that enable ordinary people to do extraordinary things and which motivate you to live your dream.

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About the Ignite your Dreams tour

In October and November 2014 Dru hosted two fantastic events in Australia as part of an international tour. With delegates attending from across Australasia it was a great reason to come together, learn and explore the breadth and depth of Dru Yoga and meditation. Bringing together our top international tutors, experienced yoga teachers, students and 'newbies' to yoga these events were a catalyst for positive change for all who attended. We wanted to share these workshops with you here at Dru Yoga Online because we know how valuable these techniques are if we are serious about living a life of peace in our selves and with the people around us. 

We hope you enjoy experiencing some of the magic from these events in these live recordings.

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Members' comments:

31 Jul, 2022
JuliaS's picture
Incredible stories... Rocky and more....
31 Jul, 2022
JuliaS's picture
wow. Failing to achieving. Success often comes through Failure. Great words to Power on forward from.
12 Nov, 2016
DorothyG's picture
Thank you, very inspirational, wonderful Dru Yoga.


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