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Digestive Aid Health Talk

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Digestive Aid Health Talk

7 mins

Join Annie as she reveals her top secrets to a happy digestion.

In this short health talk discover some of the simple yet effective ideas for supporting the digestive system and activating your digestive fire.

As a nutritionalist and an Ayurvedic consultant, Annie has many years experience of supporting health and boosting our energy levels through understanding and optimising the digestive system. Simple and natural remedies can be easily added to your diet, for example why not use ginger to increase your digestive fire, chawanprash to nurture your system and Barley Grass to increase your nutrition.

It's a simple formula but don't be fooled - simple is powerful!

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Members' comments:

27 Jan, 2018
Neesey55's picture
Thank you Annie for the tips. Very helpful! I will definitely give them a try x


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