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Dissolving your Grief

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Dissolving your Grief

22 mins

Join Annie as she sensitively guides you through a session helping you to embrace the difficult life experience of losing a loved one.

No matter who we are and what our age, we all have a story to tell when it comes to losing someone we love. So, as part of our Emotional Balance series, we're exploring this important part of our lives. When we learn to better deal with the primary and raw emotion of grief, we surely will benefit and become richer of heart and wiser of mind!

Annie's session includes the following:

  • A short yet meaningful presentation of the four stages of grief. In addition, Annie adds the five helpful stepping stones to healing the heart and mind during this difficult time.
  • Join Annie as she takes you through a few simple and easy to follow movement programmes along with a wonderful and relaxing meditation.


In store for you are the following:

A breath for dissolving grief (understood to reside in the lungs) - the Pigeon breath.
  • A movement (and breath) for relieving the heart of deep sadness - the Seat of Compassion.
  • A mudra for letting go.
  • A deep and relaxing meditation for healing the heart and mind. This can be practised sitting or lying down.
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Members' comments:

18 Aug, 2021
Jean Nelson's picture
Jean Nelson
An amazing session Annie, thank you. Your words of comfort and insight are so relevant for me just now as I am slowly coming to terms with the death of my husband. Thank you so much for this session. I will definitely return to it again.
22 Aug, 2020
tracyrowe1@yahoo.co.uk's picture
Thank you Annie. I needed that insight and your tips today to help balance out some overwhelming grief.
24 Aug, 2020
Padma McIntyre's picture
Padma McIntyre
Hi Tracy We are so glad to hear that the insights you gained while following the class with Annie have helped you at such an important moment. Perhaps save this to one of your favourites - grief can return in waves, ebbing and flowing, each time lessening a little until finally it becomes much easier. The key is to have your tool-kit handy when it threatens to overwhelm. Padma
21 Jun, 2019
kathdru68's picture
Thank you Annie a great help.
19 Jun, 2019
kenthill's picture
Thank you Annie for this is helpful to me in my grief. Kent
1 Jun, 2017
AndreaJ's picture
Thank you xx


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