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Dru Meditation Series: Class 2

23 mins

Relax and unwind as senior Dru Meditation Teacher Jane takes you through a fantastic meditation.


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Members' comments:

10 May, 2020
Sandy's picture
Jane, thank you for your 3 Australian meditations. It helped my yearning to get to the sea during our lockdown in Britain. Thanks again. Much love Sandy
26 Jun, 2017
Jo's picture
Beautiful, thank you Jane, lovely way to complete my online morning x
3 Aug, 2016
u03pes's picture
Loved how each meditation is only 10 mins each. Thank you!
22 Feb, 2016
Lynda Statham's picture
Lynda Statham
Thank you so much, you have really shown it only takes a few minutes to quieten the mind and appreciate meditation.
9 Jan, 2016
amazing yogini's picture
amazing yogini
Thank you for the beautiful meditations. Just the medicine for a hectic saturday
23 May, 2015
MelC's picture
so easy to feel to calm, at peace and happy. Thank you for the 3 gifts.
29 Apr, 2012
Margaret.cleary's picture
Wonderful meditations - really feel that sense of inner peace& relaxation. Loved the inner smile!
11 Jan, 2012
claarbos's picture
thank you for these short, easy to do meditations! thanks nature for its beauty. next time I hope to hear and experience Erik...! with love from Claartje


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