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Dru meets Katy Appleton at the Yoga Show

19 mins

Coby managed to track down Katy at the yoga show (we bribed her with green drinks and sugar free biscuits) for a chat about life, kids, ballet and the love of yoga.

Katy shares the secret that yoga has revealed to her after many years of practise. Initially, Katy used the power of her yoga to balance her nervous system as a young professional ballet dancer and performer and then was inspired to go deeper. Influenced by Sivananda and Shiva Rea and the link to the Krishnam Acharya lineage, Katy presents her personal understanding of yoga as a means to discover who you really are.

Yoga provides the direct experience of this spiritual insight that reveals itself naturally as one goes deeper.

Keep coming back to the mat to remind you of your place in the universe. It keeps your humanity within the ever-changing world. Follow your heart and let it guide you to choose your path.


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