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Eagle and the Tree

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Eagle and the Tree

54 mins

Join us in this great asana based yoga class recorded live at the spring flower festival, Floriade, in Canberra, Australia. In this session we will be flowing together Warrior 1, Warrior 2 the eagle and the tree pose in the affectionally called “Eagle and the Tree” class. 

Tune into the energy and vibrancy of spring in this energising class inviting colour, light and warmth - celebrating the new potential of this special time of year. Learn a new sequence of asanas to support and develop your personal practice.


Activation & body preps:

  • Shake out & scooping
  • Dynamic twist & cross patterning
  • Chalice, ankle & hip circles
  • Stepping forward and back with arm swing 
  • Eagle arms with calf stretches
  • Runner with illiopsoas stretch
  • Butterfly stretch for adductors
  • Piriformis stretch & hip opening - ‘rocking the baby’


The Eagle in the Tree Sequence

In this wonderful yoga asana sequence we go from the grounded energy of the warriors, and, like spring flowers, draw our strength up from the earth. We then raise our awareness up into Vrksasana, the tree pose - bringing balance and focus and new growth. We then ‘lift off’ from tree into flight of the eagle pose, Garudasana.


Spring Relaxation

Focus on the beautiful energy of spring by inviting colour and vitality into your body, heart and mind. Enjoy a wonderful feeling of fullness and abundance as you tune into the incredible potential that comes with the blossoming of spring. Feel supported by the energy of the earth, providing you with nourishment and soothing your whole being. Take time to simply rest in the beauty and tranquility of spring.



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Members' comments:

28 Jan, 2023
KayMarples's picture
Thank you for so clearly guiding me through the movements with the wonderful backdrop of spring colours. Your relaxation is wonderful. I am ready for my day
22 Feb, 2022
KathyField's picture
This has been one of my favourite classes for a long time and now that I have completed my DYTT I can fully appreciate the wonderful flow you have created and how well it attunes us to what is needed in the energy and beauty of Spring! Thanks so much
6 Jan, 2021
Jan Hall's picture
Jan Hall
A beautiful class, Ruth and expertly taught. I love the floral setting, imagery and concept of an eagle in a tree taking flight. Thank you :).
28 Oct, 2020
SylviaC's picture
I really like this class Ruth, is a beautiful flow. Thanks!
28 Jul, 2020
heathertom's picture
Thank you Ruth, I really enjoyed this sequence with the magpies in the background.
23 Jul, 2020
Lucy Cleary's picture
Lucy Cleary
Hi Ruth, I really enjoyed this class, thank you. As well as the beautiful yoga, it was lovely to have the sights and sounds of the flower festival in the background, it felt like a bit of normality in these strange times xx
8 Apr, 2020
Anouschka-DruTeam's picture
I love the flow and 'story' feel to this class :-) Thanks for all your comments - and yes - we'd love love love to have more of you on the Studio soon!
4 Apr, 2020
JuliaS's picture
So Much great Kosha language Ruth Beautiful. Great sequence. Good challenge.
9 Sep, 2019
ruthR2's picture
So glad you enjoyed the class Dawn. Yes I'm planning more classes soon....
22 Aug, 2019
Hilary Airey's picture
Hilary Airey
Thank you so much, Ruth, for this wonderful class. A real gift.
19 Aug, 2019
dwilson163's picture
Love this sequence. Any more from Ruth? A great teacher. Thank you.


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