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Easing Back Pain Series: Class 2

60 mins

Coby takes you through a fantastic Dru Yoga programme for strengthening your back, resulting in a complete re-balancing of your back muscles.

In this second class after EBR 1 you will learn the Dru Yoga Back Strengthening Sequence and enjoy a long relaxation.

Feel strong and stable!


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Members' comments:

24 Aug, 2020
sandra.chevin121's picture
A lovely class this morning. I'm now feeling stretched, strong and ready for the day. Thank you!
24 Aug, 2020
Padma McIntyre's picture
Padma McIntyre
Hi Nadia Yes, its always such a great start when we look after our bodies first and especially our backs. This is definitely a very popular class for so many reasons.
22 Aug, 2018
Nadia Dickie's picture
Nadia Dickie
I love your videos. Helpful & clear.....and....you two together are such fun together! great class...thanks!


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