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Emotional Balance 2 - Inner Confidence

30 mins

Explore the Inner Fire sequence and a candle-gazing meditation (tratak) to develop your inner confidence.

The triangles and warriors shown in this video raise strength and courage up into the area of the heart. The Inner Fire Sequence is specifically designed for us to touch the inner strength of our being to help us maintain our emotional balance.

Enjoy the poses in this flowing sequence and touch the depth of your inner light.


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Members' comments:


27 Dec, 2017
cat's picture
Just what I needed in my recuperation thank you Annie. Bless you and the light that shines from you.x
13 Dec, 2016
Kayostell's picture
I revisit this one year on and once again, feeling peaceful and full of light.
15 Jan, 2016
Lynda Statham's picture
Lynda Statham
Thank you Annie so lovely to see the Peace Flame after reading all about its journey to North Wales x
8 Dec, 2015
Kayostell's picture
Strong but soft, am filled with light. Lovely
25 Aug, 2015
willowtibet's picture
Thank you Annie for a very inspiring meditation.

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