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Energy Block Release 3 - Awakening Heart Power

30 mins

Energy Block Release 3 will open the heart and the mind to a whole new level of empowerment and energy.

You will be so surprised as to how you feel after this amazing sequence!!

After a short activation, Nanna takes you through Energy Block Release 3. It has to be the best sequence for opening the heart, allowing our natural joy to bubble to the surface with no effort at all!!

I guarantee you will enjoy this class which finishes with a short meditation to lighten mind, body and soul!


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Members' comments:

17 Sep, 2022
Karen R's picture
Karen R
Perfect session for this morning . After a period of stress and illness I found this class really helped me get back in touch with the warmth and compassion in my heart for myself and the world - Thankyou x
28 Aug, 2022
sandra.chevin121's picture
A lovely way to start the day - thank you Nanna!
18 Nov, 2020
Patti150's picture
A lovely sequence. As Nanna said, I did feel the joy bubbling up after the meditation. Thank you!
17 Jun, 2020
Gill666's picture
I found this really helpful this morning. Taking time out to do this today has given me a great boost at a time when i was feeling a bit overwhelmed. Thankyou!
10 Jun, 2020
Gail's picture
Wonderful - thank you Nanna, I now feel ready to embrace today!
10 Apr, 2019
AnneSmale's picture
Great way to start the day with kindness.
14 Apr, 2018
Sarawasti's picture
14 Apr, 2018
Margaret Ford's picture
Margaret Ford
Thank you Nanna for a beautiful heart opening class. The EBR3 and meditation was so profound giving a warm feeling, and a sense of wellbeing. Thanks.
1 Feb, 2018
Boeing737's picture
Love this sequence. Leaves me feeling so rested, thanks!
25 Jul, 2015
Lauramcc's picture
This sequence is by far my favourite. It makes you feel so good, calm, centred and positive. My yoga teacher does it often. It's marvellous!
27 Dec, 2014
relax's picture
Love the practice of the two Ebr 3 together just beautiful thank you Michelle
27 Nov, 2014
Alison Fernando's picture
Alison Fernando
Lovely to be taught by you in my own home, Nanna! Thank you. By the way - there seems to be a little light or orb or something floating about a couple of times in this video.
4 Jan, 2013's picture
My teacher has gone to Germany and I could not remember how to do the last bit of EBR. I am so pleased to be able to do it right through again and am really feeling the benefit
21 Nov, 2012
michele.reyns's picture
Thank you Nana for this session. Just practised EBR 3 in the teacher course in Arnhem last weekend, and now enjoyed it with you. And what a wonderfull soothing meditation. xxx
12 Oct, 2011
fb152152's picture
Sometimes I forget EBR 3 and then after doing it again it feals so good.


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